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Volume 6 No. 212


A list containing 11 forbidden ingredients that must not be served to athletes or spectators at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi "has been sent to the Games' organizing committee in an attempt to prevent outbreaks of food poisoning," according to the MOSCOW TIMES. The document, sent by the Federal Service on Customer Rights, said "caterers must not serve homemade beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tvorog made from unpasteurized milk, either separately or in blini, dried fish or mushrooms." Macaroni po-flotsky, a pasta dish similar to spaghetti bolognese, "has also been outlawed." The federal agency, headed by Gennady Onischenko, said that the list of banned products "was taken directly from regulations on food safety" adopted in '01, which also said that "companies specializing in food services must implement SanPiN (Sanitary Norms and Rules)." Violation of its requirements "may be punished by fines of hundreds of thousands of rubles." Food safety at Sochi "will be controlled by the organizing committee, Sochi 2014, although it has so far declined to say exactly how this will be done, other than to state that the official food safety codex will be followed" (MOSCOW TIMES, 5/6).

IOC President Jacques Rogge has praised the emblem of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics for its expression of Korean cultural and Asian heritage. The emblem is designed using the Korean alphabet. The two shapes stem from the first consonants of each syllable of the word "PyeongChang." PyeongChang organizers said that the first "represents an open square where the events will take place, while the other embodies snow, ice and the athletes' stellar performance" (KOREA TIMES, 5/5). ... The Qatar Olympic Committee is organizing the "Sport Excellence Day 2013" event at building No. 12 in the Cultural Village, Katara on May 21. The annual event is organized by the country's governing sport body to honor the best athletes, sport officials, sport institutions and government and non-government organizations for their contribution in boosting sport (QOC).