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Volume 6 No. 213

International Football

Football clubs relegated from the EPL will receive in excess of £60M ($92M) "over a four-year period from next season," according to the BBC. The EPL has agreed to new parachute payment arrangements, "although it is yet to confirm the exact figure." Clubs relegated to the Championship currently receive £48M ($73M) over four years. Parachute payments "were introduced to help relegated clubs absorb the huge losses in revenue that accompany dropping out of English football's lucrative top division." The new deal "will remain in place for the next three years" and replaces a deal agreed upon in '10. The revised payments meant that instead of clubs relegated from the EPL receiving £16M ($24M) a year for two years, they received the money over four years -- £15M ($22M) for the first season, £17M ($26M) for the second and then a further two payments of £8M ($12M) per season (BBC, 4/16).

Anxious Scottish First Division football clubs will meet next week to hatch a “phoenix plan” in a bid "to salvage the reconstruction of Scottish football from the embers of meltdown Monday," according to Keith Jackson of the Scotland DAILY RECORD. Scottish Football League CEO David Longmuir insisted that the discussions -- to which Scottish Premier League relegation club Dundee will be invited -- on Monday "will not lead to a hostile breakaway and the creation of an SPL 2." The clubs, led by Hamilton, "are determined to revive the concept of creating a united league body and of a fairer distribution of TV cash, despite seeing the blueprint for change being obliterated at an explosive SPL summit earlier this week." It is "likely to result in a new package of proposals being put forward to top-flight clubs" -- but one which "ditches the almost universally disliked 12-12-18 plan," which failed to pass Monday (DAILY RECORD, 4/17).

CALL FOR HELP: In another piece in the DAILY RECORD, Anthony Haggerty reported SPL Heart of Midlothian legend John Robertson said that it is "time to call in the cavalry from down south to help sove the problems" in Scottish football. Robertson believes only "a radical solution can break the impasse blocking change in Scottish football." He is "convinced calling in the power brokers" from the EPL could transform the game. Robertson: "Henry McLeish has said the SPL and the SFL seem incapable of coming to a compromise and pershaps we now need mediation. Maybe we should go to the EPL and ask them to come up and help sort it out" (DAILY RECORD, 4/17).

FC Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß has demanded that UEFA enforces its Financial Fair Play rules, particularly with clubs in Spain, France and the U.K., according to Carlos M. Sánchez of EL CONFIDENCIAL. Hoeneß called the situation "intolerable" and said "UEFA should intervene." He urged UEFA President Michel Platini to "expel one or two teams from the Champions League to set an example." Hoeneß: "There is a Financial Fair Play promoted by UEFA that many clubs transgress permanently" (EL CONFIDENCIAL, 4/17).

After just two weeks in charge, President Federico Varona has resigned from Fundacio VCF, Valencia FC's majority shareholding group, according to FOOTBALL ESPAÑA. Varona was brought in "to head the group’s city council-requested change in management," in the wake of the club having defaulted on an €86M ($112.21M) debt to Spanish bank Bankia. After arriving, Varona was "reportedly intent on ‘democratising’ the club and how its board members are elected." This week, Varona "has confirmed that he is ‘irrevocably’ walking away." Varona said, “During this time I have suffered personal attacks, insults and vilification that, in many cases, has come from people who do not know me. I am not willing to take the personal and professional wear that I have been subjected to" (FOOTBALL ESPAÑA, 4/17).

Brasileiro Fluminense President Peter Siemsen said that the club is "looking to buy a team in the U.S." Siemsen: "Our goal is to find a soccer team in the U.S. and bring Fluminense's name, jersey, brand, and excellence in soccer management" (INSIDE WORLD FOOTBALL, 4/17). ... Negotiations "are still ongoing" between the Spanish Football Federation and representatives from China over hosting the Supercopa de España (INSIDE SPANISH FOOTBALL, 4/17). ... FIFA has opened the bidding process for the U20 and U17 2016 Women's World Cups, U20 and U17 2017 World Cups and 2017 Beach Soccer World Cup (FIFA).