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Volume 6 No. 214
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Twitter Me This...

Sky Sports' DAVID CROFT: "So Paddy Lowe to leave Mclaren in 2014 and Tim Goss to replace him as of now. Big implications for more than one team & more than two men."

Ruhr Nachrichten's MATTHIAS DERSCH: "Die #BVB-Geschäftszahlen vom 1. Halbjahr: 17,5 Mio € Gewinn v. St., Konzerngewinn: 14,2 Mio € v. St., Umsatz: 124,1 Mio € (+22,4%)." ... ("The #BVB-financial numbers for the 1st half of the year: 17,5 Mio € profits before taxes, company profits: 14,2 Mio € before taxes, revenue: 124,1 Mio € (+22,4%)")

Sports Investment Partners' MICHAEL BROUGHTON: "So ESPN will officially leave our shores when BT take over in August, definitly called that wrong when they arrived then #cantalwaysberight"

Canal+ Sports Dir CYRIL LINETTE: "2,9 millions d'abonnés pour #PSGOM. Record absolu pour @canalplus. 2 millions de telespectateurs pour le #cfc. Quelle soirée sur #Canal!" ... ("2.9 million subscribers for #PSGOM. Absolut record for @canalplus. 2 million spectators for the #cfc. What a night on #Canal!")

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