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Volume 10 No. 25


Sochi 2014 Olympic Organising Committee CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko said that Dubai, UAE has a "sporting chance" of hosting the Olympics despite its harsh climate, according to Ben Flanagan of THE NATIONAL. Dubai is "expected to bid" for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Chernyshenko predicted such an event will be held in the Arabian Gulf. He said, "Nothing is impossible - even a subtropical city can host the Winter Games. My prediction is that the Olympics will come here to the [Arabian Gulf] region. It's up for the [International Olympic Committee] to decide, but I'm sure that the boundaries will be extended. And then, to Africa." He added that Qatar's plans for the FIFA World Cup 2022 will "set a precedent" for such events in this region. Chernyshenko: "When Qatar demonstrates that they can handle the challenge of the natural heat, it will really open the doors for the rest of the events" (THE NATIONAL, 12/17).

In what could spell more trouble for India, the IOC has written to all int'l Olympic sports federations to "investigate the situation in India in respect of the affiliated National federations and report back to it," according to THE HINDU. IOC National Olympic Committee Relations Dir Pere Miro wrote on Dec. 13 to the presidents and secretary-generals of all the int'l Olympic sports federations. Except for the Int'l Boxing Federation (AIBA) no other int'l federation has "taken any action" against the concerned national federation in India, based on the IOC action to suspend the Indian Olympic Association. The AIBA has sought explanations from the IABF about its elections last September and told the Indian body that "fresh elections should be held as per IABF rules and AIBA provisions, meaning there cannot be restrictions imposed according to the Union Government guidelines" (THE HINDU, 12/16). PTI reported that in its letter the IOC wrote, "We would recommend each IF to carefully examine the situation of its national federation in India in the light of the following criteria, in particular: Whether the national federation is affected by government interference in its internal operations (and the potential implications of the 'Sports Code' and/or any other government regulations over the national federation)" (PTI, 12/16).