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Twitter Me This...

Brazilian politician and football legend ROMARIO: "Graças a Deus esses incompetentes da CBF acertaram pelo menos uma vez. Desejo muita sorte ao meu amigo Parreira e ao Felipão." ("Thank God these incompetents from the CBF have done well for once. I wish much luck to my friend Parreira and Felipão.")

Brasileiro Atlético-MG President ALEXANDRE KALIL announcing Ronaldinho's return: "Vocês queriam. Ele ficou!" ("You guys wanted it. He's staying!")

London Times' GEORGE CAULKIN: "Wow. What a privilege to be in same room as so many Brazil legends, paying tribute to Felix, the late, great keeper."

BBC presenter GARY LINEKER: "Is it true they are banning the long putter? Hansen is doomed! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

South African golfer GARY PLAYER: "The R&A and USGA have made the right call on not allowing anchoring whilst still leaving all players to use long putters."

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