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Volume 6 No. 215


Sports clubs and organizations in Nottinghamshire "are set to be given £1M ($1.6M) to help capitalise on the popularity of the Olympics and Paralympics," according to the BBC. Nottinghamshire County Council said that "the fund would support sports development across the county." It has also proposed funding of £900,000 ($1.4M) for Trent Bridge cricket ground to help secure Ashes tests. The authority said that "the money would form a lasting legacy for a golden future of sport in Nottinghamshire. The county council said that the £1M Olympic and Paralympic Legacy pot "will help local sports organizations promote sport and nurture talent to find the sports stars of the future" (BBC, 10/9). ITV reported that Sebastian Coe "has backed plans from Nottinghamshire County Council's investment plans." The council claims that it is "the first authority in the U.K. to respond to his London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic legacy plea." Plans are to be announced at a Sporting Legacy reception Tuesday night at Trent Bridge, which will honor the county's London 2012 stars (ITV, 10/9).

London’s prime tourist attractions "suffered a sharp drop in visitor numbers" over the summer after a rainy start to the season was compounded by the disruption of the Olympics, according to James Pickford of the FINANCIAL TIMES. The Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey were some of the city’s staple tourist spots affected, with visitor numbers down by 20.3% between May and August compared with the year before. Association of Leading Visitor Attractions CEO Bernard Donoghue said that the figures made “sobering reading.” London visitor numbers fell overall by 15% from May to August compared with the same months in '11 (FINANCIAL TIMES, 10/9).

The Int'l World Games Association and UFA Sports signed an extensive int'l marketing cooperation. UFA Sports will act as consultant and the exclusive int'l marketer of the IWGA, with focus on the World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia and 2017 in Wrocław, Poland. The deal includes all int'l media and commercial rights for a term including the World Games 2013 and 2017. The IWGA wants to benefit from UFA Sports' expertise in the field of int'l media rights distribution, sale of corporate sponsorships and strengthening brand identities in sport, to maximize the visibility of the World Games' broadcast coverage. The deal intends to provide the widest possible exposure to the public and media with an int'l top class event organized and produced in high quality. The World Games are a quadrennial global multi-sport event that offers competitions a mix of traditional and modern sports. The next edition of the World Games will be celebrated in Cali, from July 25 until Aug. 4. Under the slogan "Fair Play To The Planet," the World Games will be held for the first time in South America (IWGA).

Brazilian architect Pedro Évora has been named the winner of a competition to design the 2016 Olympic golf course club house. The winning project, which was revealed at the Brazilian Institute of Architects, Rio de Janeiro department, features a large veranda showcasing the lush tropical landscape of the city's Barra da Tijuca. The design aims to capture the spirit of Rio by combining an atmosphere of conviviality with nature. Évora and Pedro Rivera, author and co-author respectively of the winning project, received a prize of around $12,000. Explaining the concept behind his design, Évora said: "It's an open space, with full contact with nature, integrated with the landscape of Barra. Those who play and who attend will have a unique experience, one that could only be experienced here" (IOC).