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Volume 6 No. 197


Montpellier handballer Nikola Karabatic took to Facebook to deny betting on a match involving the club, according to LE MONDE. However, Karabatic did admit his girlfriend bet on the match in question. In the Facebook post, Karabatic wrote, "Did I bet? NO I did not bet. Did my girlfriend bet? Yes. Did she tell me? Yes. As for the serious betting allegations they seriously hurt me ... I have dedicated my life to handball since I have been born. I fight for my sport and finding myself in this situation is a nightmare ... Accusing me and my little brother of cheating although we did not even play and arresting us like gangsters... I do not have words..." Karabatic also reasoned his girlfriend's bet on the lack of motivation from Montpellier players, who had already clinched the league title. He also mentioned the situation of their opposition, a club that was fighting to stay in the top flight (LE MONDE, 10/3).

PLACE YOUR BETS: In N.Y., Greogory Viscusi reported that Montpellier Prosecutor Brice Robin said in a press conference that €87,880 ($113,500) of bets were placed, earning €252,880 ($326,291). The bets were placed in €100 ($129) lots, "allowing winnings to be picked up anonymously" (BLOOMBERG, 10/3). The NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR reported that a second Montpellier match from last season "could be the object of a police investigation." The game in question is the Nîmes-Montpellier clash from April 26. Montpellier, "the unquestioned leader of the league, suffered its first defeat of the season." An English company specialized in the control of online betting noticed "an abnormal spike in bets" coming from Asia (NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR, 10/3).