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Volume 10 No. 22

Events and Attractions

The European Tour is expected to announce "its own playoff-type series," to debut in '13, according to Alex Miceli of The series will most-likely be fashioned after the FedEx Cup playoffs, which have "blossomed into one of the most-exciting events in golf." Euro Tour CEO George O'Grady said, "We won't copy the model, but we'll have what I call a more European version of the thing so Dubai is the finale, with a higher points-scoring basis on the last few tournaments." Details are yet to be finalized, but O'Grady is targeting the BMW Masters in Shanghai; the HSBC Champions in Shenzhen, China; and an inaugural event in Turkey for the run-up to the traditional tour final in Dubai. O'Grady acknowledges that Europe has "lost tournaments in recent years, but emphasizes that companies are eager to sponsor golf tournaments." O'Grady said, "Everybody wants the best field they can get. So we're going to have to pay large sums of money if you want big marquee players, who are playing on the PGA Tour, when you see how financially healthy it's been" (GOLFWEEK, 10/5).

In a visit to Mexico for promotional campaigns, former Brazilian footballer Pelé said that he was "preoccupied by the delay in 2014 World Cup stadium constructions," according to the EFE. Pelé said, "The biggest concern is that some of the construction work is running late. That is worrying. The events will not have many problems, our worry is the administration, construction, airports, hotels and accommodation." He added, "They are all running a little late. It's a big responsibility for Brazil because we will host the greatest events in sports history. Brazil must prove that, as a country, we are not only good on the field, but off the field as well" (EFE, 10/3).

The U.S. F1 race in New Jersey in '13 "has not yet been confirmed by FIA," however, organizers of the race "are not worried about their grand prix," according to Stefan Ziegler of F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone recently said that the contract with New Jersey "has been terminated," which prompted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to seek informing about the race's progress. He recently called Race Organizer Leo Hinderley. Christie said, "I called him, and he told me there aren't any problems. We are on plan." Nevertheless, in FIA's F1 race calender for '13, the grand prix is listed as "to be confirmed." Christie added: "He told me, the race will definitely happen. No problem" (, 10/2).

After 35 years the ATP World Team Cup "will not return to Dusseldorf, Germany in '13, as the men's tennis organization sold the WTC license to a Rumanian businessman," according to Michael Ryberg of DER WESTEN. German tennis great Boris Becker's former Manager Ion Tiriac, who is worth €600M ($774M), the second-richest man in Rumania, "allegedly paid €1.6M ($2.1M) for the WTC license." However, WTC Tournament Dir Dietloff von Arnim "seems to have set the foundation to continue the tennis tradition at Dusseldorf's Rochusclub." An old contract clause provides the Rochusclub with an ATP license if the WTC is discontinued (DER WESTEN, 10/1). In Dusseldorf, Gianni Costa wrote that instead of the WTC, "the Rochusclub will host a category 250 series ATP tournament in the future." Current WTC title sponsor, Austrian energy drink producer Power Horse, "is expected to continue its partnership with the Rochusclub." The new name of the event will likely be "Power Horse Open." The prize money for a category 250 series ATP tournament is €415,000 ($535,500) (RP-ONLINE, 10/2).