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Twitter Me This...

Europe's Ryder Cup team captain Jose Maria Olazabal said that the team is free to use Twitter, "but they need to be careful over what they say," according to the AFP. Ryder Cup participants Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood "are all avid users of the popular social network" and have hundreds of thousands of followers between them. The Ryder Cup, "where team-bonding is essential and great secrecy surrounds who will be playing with whom in the foursomes and fourballs, are a potential minefield for Twitter users." Olazabal, however, "has decided to take an even-handed approach." Olazabal: "What I've said to them is that they have to be careful on what they say, how they say it and when they say it." There "seemed to be no problem with using Twitter either on the U.S. side," with captain Davis Love writing on his account - "Fans loving the Red Pants!" - a reference to the team outfits his players wore in practice on Wednesday (AFP, 9/27).

The Telegraph's Paul Hayward: "Bubba Watson looked right on the edge of tears throughout his Ryder Cup press conference. He always is. Show him a kitten and he'd weep."

English footballer Rio Ferdinand: "Congrats to Alan Pardew on his new 8yr contract!!"

The Telegraph's Paul Kelso: "Pardew's 8-year deal may prove theory that contracts worth less the longer they're for. If he's still there in 2020 I will delete this Tweet"

Daily Mirror's John Cross: "Where does the fight against racism in football go from here? Back to square one, I'd suggest. How can it be worth little more than a foul?"

Yahoo!'s Venkat Ananth: "That’s my first glance at the BCCI Annual Report. Might do a detailed study and post later. If you ask me, I’d give them 6.5/10 for this."

English footballer Wayne Rooney: "Thanks to everyone who helped make my book a bestseller this week, appreciate it"

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