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Highlights Of The Recently Opened Football Museum In Manchester

World Cup-winning footballer Bobby Charlton is impressed with the recently opened National Football Museum in Manchester, according to Peter Leggatt of the FINANCIAL TIMES. Charlton: "I can't think of a better museum anywhere in the world." As its president, he may be "a little biased," but the 140,000 item collection is "impressively large." Leggatt sat down with Museum Dir Kevin Moore who revealed some of his favorite exhibits.

The 1966 World Cup final ball: Football relics "don't get much holier than this ball,"  which has "that talismanic quality."

The 'Art of the Game
': This is British artist Michael Browne's "controversial 1997 painting" based on Renaissance master Piero della Francesca's "Resurrection." This version features former ManU striker Eric Cantona as Christ, surrounded by his followers, which include Alex Ferguson and David Beckham.

The original rules of football
: Penned by "solicitor and amateur sportsman" Ebenezer Morley in 1863, this original handwritten text of the first document outlining the laws of football, is "one of the displays greeting you" when you enter the museum. It is currently at the museum on loan from the Football Association (FINANCIAL TIMES, 7/6).