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Twitter Me This....

SI's Richard Deitsch‏: "Fox Sports has done a nice job as auxiliary Nascar PR today. Cursory reporting (at best) on yesterday's crash."

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal: "Re: Loria’s letter. Words mean nothing. Let’s see #Marlins put winning team together - and KEEP it together."

ESPN's Marty Smith: "Some ol boy about 17 beers deep just hollered at me: 'HEYYYY RYAN SEACREST!!!!!!!' Have another, boss."

Charlotte Observer's Tom Sorensen: "Darrell Waltrip says this will be the most watched Daytona 500 in history. He hasn't said that since 2012."

AP's Jenna Fryer: "Really James Franco? Drivers and Danica ..."

South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Omar Kelly: "When it comes to Dolphins fans, you will NEVER like or respect Jeff Ireland, so why should he concern himself with winning you over?"

ESPN's Jay Bilas: "NCAA Executive Committee 'endorses' Emmert, confirms it is clueless, and it doesn't understand the meaning of 'accountability.' Laughable… Let's get this straight: NCAA's problems were all Julie Roe Lach's fault? She's the only one fired, so it must have been ALL her. Lame."

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