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Volume 24 No. 112
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Top Ten....Bring The Noise

Friday night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten New York City Noises.” CBS' Letterman said, “A survey in Travel & Leisure Magazine has ranked New York City as the noisiest city in the world. … It’s a special audio Top Ten.” Letterman read the list and then played an accompanying noise to go along with each item (“Late Show,” CBS, 1/18). 

10) “Rat Stampede.” (Sound of hoof beats)
9) “Meat delivery at the Hello Deli.” (A bleating donkey)
8) “Scofflaws drinking illegal, 32-ounce sodas.” (Slurping a drink through a straw)
7) “Taxi from the airport.” (Screeching tires and horns)
6) “Lindsay Lohan at the end of a night out.” (Sirens wailing)
5) “Street vendor changing the hot dog water (sorry -- that’s a mistake, they never change the water).” (No noise was played)
4) “Saying goodbye to a mob snitch.” (A large splash)
3) “Me, Dave, leaving work every night.” (Boos and jeering)
2) “Joan Rivers visiting her plastic surgeon.” (Jackhammering)
1) “Alex Rodriguez in the playoffs.” (“Strike three, you're out!”)