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Volume 24 No. 117
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Top Ten....Regurgitating Facts

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Questions People Have About Larry the Vomiting Robot.” CBS’ David Letterman said, “The Health and Safety Laboratory in Northern England has developed a humanoid simulated vomiting system to study the spread of contagious infections” (“Late Show,” CBS, 1/3).

10) “Could this win the Nobel Prize for vomiting?”
9) “How often do you need to replace the vomit cartridge?”
8) “Does he also vacuum, like my vomiting Roomba?”
7) “How often does he eat at the Hello Deli?”
6) “Are we, as a culture, too lazy to do our own vomiting?”
5) “Is he single?”
4) “Is it more advanced than the Apple iVomit?”
3) “Why are all of the vomiting robots male?”
2) “Will this solve our vomit shortage?”
1) “Would Larry like a breath mint?”