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Volume 27 No. 28
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Binge Watching With G3 Marketing President Eric Liebler

Liebler (l) has enjoyed honing his own business acumen by watching Lore's (r) "Startup Standup"
Photo: Eric Liebler

This week, THE DAILY caught up with G3 Marketing President ERIC LIEBLER to break down what's on his watch- and listen-list. Some responses have been edited for clarity and brevity:

  • A great escape from reality right now is “SCHITT’S CREEK.” My wife and I really took to that. It’s been kind of our go-to once the kids are in bed to watch a couple episodes. I didn’t realize until the Emmy Awards that EUGENE LEVY’s son and daughter also are involved.
  • I’m a sucker for documentaries. I watched “CHALLENGER: THE FINAL FLIGHT” with my daughter while she was working on a school report on CHRISTA MCAULIFFE. It was really neat that I could give my perspective as somebody who was her age when it really happened.
  • More of a funny one but certainly meaningful to me was “CLASS ACTION PARK” because I grew up in that area going to Action Park with my friends. When we grew up -- and they say this in the documentary, but it’s true -- you didn’t know any better. You actually thought that that’s what amusement parks were. I got injured there many times.
  • I worked alongside Walmart U.S. E-commerce President & CEO MARC LORE in the past, and Marc now hosts a series on YouTube called “STARTUP STANDUP” in which he sits down with emerging entrepreneurs. To see him out there publicly talking about entrepreneurship, I love it because that is who I am.
  • Serial entrepreneur and Hawks Minority Owner JESSE ITZLER has started a new brand called “BUILD YOUR LIFE RESUME,” so he’s got a podcast. Jesse is all about living and maximizing each hour. He literally puts how many hours left in your life on a projection. It’s motivational.

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