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Binge Watching With ACL Commissioner Stacey Moore

Moore's love of hip hop and admiration for Common inspired him to watch Showtime's "The Chi"
Photo: ACL

This week, THE DAILY caught up with American Cornhole League Founder & Commissioner STACEY MOORE to break down what's on his watch list. Some responses have been edited for clarity and brevity:

  • I thought this season was the best “HARD KNOCKS” yet, to be able to see two teams, both in L.A., dealing with the pandemic. Obviously, the racial justice, the social justice, everything that was going on with that, was interesting to see as well. It’s a unique time in sports, a unique time in our country, and “Hard Knocks” really brought it all together front-and-center.
  • I started watching “BIG BROTHER” really with the very first season and they’re now on Season 22. I’ve got an 18-year-old daughter and, as she started getting older, she started watching with us. That’s kind of been a family show. I’ve always threatened my family to go compete. My daughter says if I do, I’ll get voted off very early.
  • I’ve been watching every season of “THE CHI.” I grew up a big hip hop fan. My favorite character is EMMETT. It's fun to watch him hustle to try to make things happen to get that cash flow.
  • BILLIONS” is cool because you have this struggle between egos. You have a big ego that’s a part of the government, a part of the legal community, trying to take down big-money hedge-fund guy with an equally big ego. I used to be a fund manager, so in terms of the insight into Wall Street, personally, I wouldn’t say necessarily that that was overly realistic relative to my experience.
  • RUN” is a show where an old boyfriend and girlfriend made a pact that if one ever texted the other the word, “Run,” they’d drop whatever they were going to do immediately and get together. The female character happens to be married. The male character is some type of famous writer and public speaker, so he has a little bit of fame. He texted her.

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