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Binge Watching With Revtown Co-Founder & CMO Steve Battista

Battista could not be more excited for season 4 of "Fargo," starring Chris Rock

This week, THE DAILY caught up with STEVE BATTISTA. The longtime Under Armour exec now is co-Founder & CMO of performance denim startup Revtown. Here's what's on the two-time SBJ "Forty Under 40" honoree's watch list. Some responses have been edited for clarity and brevity:


  • I have four kids, and the two oldest boys are teenagers now. I've taken advantage of the time, going through some of the classics with them to make sure they're seeing it, to do my part as a father. It has been pretty rewarding. They really like "BREAKING BAD," "BETTER CALL SAUL," especially getting into "FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS" (TV Series) and "BALLERS," having that sports theme in there. The one tough thing is that now they've seen things like "GODFATHER" and "CADDYSHACK," so they know where all my quotes come from!


  • New season of "FARGO" (TV Series): Starring CHRIS ROCK for the fourth season, which is incredible casting, the show has a start date of Sept. 27th on FX. It was originally slated for April pre-COVID. Best dialogue in all of television.
  • My wife and I got into "DEAD TO ME." I'm a big fan of LINDA CARDELLINI, who stars in it. It's darkly humorous.
  • I stumbled upon "PATRIOT," and it's fantastic -- dry, dark humor but has a lot of action to it. Main character JOHN TAVNER works in the CIA and must take a "Not Official Cover" job as a middle manager in an industrial firm in Milwaukee that travels to key countries. It's very original, has clever structure of storylines and great music.

KEEPIN' A LIST: Battista over the years has compiled a 70-page document of the best movies in certain categories. Here's his Top 3 in sports:

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