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Binge Watching With Elevate Sports Ventures Exec VP Shawn Doss

Listening to the "Three Of Seven Podcast" helps Doss center himself in what matters most

This week, THE DAILY caught up with Elevate Sports Ventures Exec VP SHAWN DOSS to break down what's on his watch- and listen-list. Some responses have been edited for clarity and brevity: 

  • We watch "THE TITAN GAMES" as a family. It brings me back to my childhood watching "AMERICAN GLADIATORS." In our house, we often talk to the kids about giving “max effort” in everything they do, and watching "The Titan Games" is the epitome of “max effort.” Our daughter loves seeing the females compete and give their all.
  • On the "TRUE SPIES" podcast, HAYLEY ATWELL tells amazing, historical, true spy stories and interviews the actual agents who conducted the missions. I love these for many reasons. Foremost is the logic and strategy that goes into each and every mission, which often feels analogous to my work life with Elevate, wherein each client presents our team with a strategic problem, obstacle or mission. I love getting into the minds of those great spies, and listening to them break down their logic and decision making.
  • "FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE" is the most realistic behind-the-scenes documentary I have ever seen. The storytelling is epic and chronicles the high drama and unique culture and experiences of racers travelling and competing across the globe. LEWIS HAMILTON has become one professional driver I’d truly like to meet. My wife watched the documentary and has become a huge F1 fan as well. After over a decade in this sports and entertainment business, I am still discovering sports properties that inspire and ignite my interest.
  • The "THREE OF SEVEN PODCAST" has truly helped me refine my life philosophy. The podcast addresses the importance of acknowledging the “3 buckets” that comprise your life: body, soul and spirit. Navy Seal CHADD WRIGHT hosts the podcast, wherein guests share parables and life lessons about their own “3 buckets." The podcast encourages me to keep constant touch points on my own “3 buckets,” as I consider my efforts for our clients, the quality time I spend with my family, the dedication I make in training for endurance events and more.
  • Former "regular Joe" turned world-class plant-based endurance athlete, "THE RICH ROLL PODCAST" is one of the most amazing I’ve ever heard. In this podcast about health, fitness & nutrition and high performance, Rich reminds us to open our ears, listen, learn and act.

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