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Volume 26 No. 139
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Going Off The Grid: Execs Talk College Hoops, Esports

"Going Off The Grid" is a weekly survey of sports execs and personalities offering their thoughts on a handful of pressing (and trivial) issues in sports and pop culture. This week, our panelists discuss what country they'd like to live in and what video game should be added to esports. 

  • Nets Chief Legal & Compliance Officer and Exec VP/Business Affairs Jeff Gewirtz
    -- In support of Nets F Garrett Temple, he's rooting for LSU on Saturday.
  • MLSE Chief Revenue Officer Jeff Deline
    -- The first concert he attended was The Tragically Hip.
  • Cavaliers VP/Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement Kevin Clayton
    -- Believes NFL officiating this season has been consistently inconsistent.
Going Off The Grid

Excited for return of college hoops? What genre would your life story be? Country you'd like to live in? Video game that should be an esport? Favorite time of day?
Cheering for the Tufts women's team
According to my wife, a dramcom
"Tennis World Tour" -- my only chance to have a win over Federer!
Mornings with my son and daughter

Not very
"Golden Tee"
Early mornings -- Love to get up and get at it
YES!! Super excited
Cross between a suspenseful thriller and comedy
"Super Mario"
Early morning before dawn

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