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Social Studies: Sesión Tequila Grows U.S. Presence Via Clippers Deal

More than big-name wine and spirits brands now occupy the professional sports marketplace, as upstart brands are realizing the value proposition of getting before their desired audience. Look no further than Sesión Tequila (@SesionTequila), which was founded in Australia in '15 and began making inroads in the U.S. 11 months ago. In October, the brand announced a partnership with the Clippers that will include being promoted via the team's social media channels and sampling opportunities within the Clippers Season Ticket Club. Co-Founder Jake Wall said the relationship "came through a contact we have locally, and after many months of talks, we got the deal done." He added, "In the end, it really was a natural fit for us."

Must-follow: I have a property development company (@jgroupprojects), so I’m big on architecture, design, travel photography and anyone who ticks those boxes.
Favorite app: I’d have to say any meditation app -- "Waking Up by Sam Harris" because I think everybody should take a little time for themselves. Also, any of the Surf Report apps -- it’s either surf, chill or tequila for me.

Average time per day on social media: Not that much actually, just enough to stay in the loop.

Sesión's social media philosophy:
Our philosophy is to seize the social nature of tequila while introducing a more premium, aspirational lifestyle that speaks to a discerning and conscious audience. We feel that our target audience is willing to try new brands they see as an extension of their self-image, and our lifestyle-led content allows them to align with the brand in ways our competitors can't.

Utilizing social media to promote its relationship with the Clippers:
The Clippers have taken on this underdog mentality in L.A. and are keen to win the city. Sesión shares in that mission as we try and make our mark in the states, particularly within California.

Why Instagram is where Sesión has its strongest presence:
With Instagram being a visually curated platform, we've found success on this channel as it lends itself to telling the heritage of Sesión. Our primary goal with our social media marketing is to establish the brand through lifestyle imagery and rich storytelling. We feel that Instagram allows us to relay our brand emotions and connect with our community in a way that other channels can't. It also naturally lends itself to partnership opportunities, either with other brands or influencers, both of which are integral parts to a successful strategy.

Plans to establish itself on other social platforms:
Our primary focuses are platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, as they lend themselves to telling our brand story in a visual way. Being a new brand within the U.S. market, our approach to social media marketing is to create brand equity and establish ourselves within the tequila market. We're particularly excited about the opportunity to distribute our tequila direct to consumer through social. There's been significant progress in the e-commerce market for liquor with the likes of Drizly, the partnership between MikMak and Patron, and others. Our goal is to create a luxury tasting experience, no matter where fans of our brand are located.

Importance of Clippers partnership to establishing itself in America:
California was the first U.S. market we launched in and consumes the most tequila when compared to any other U.S. state, so for us, it was a no-brainer to partner with such an iconic, local, new-age team like the Clippers.

What makes the Clippers an ideal partner:
It's the Clippers' most anticipated season yet. Many people are expecting big things from them this year. They have all the right people in the right places and now just have to execute. Sesión is similar in the fact that we are one of the most awarded tequilas globally in the last 12 months.

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