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A Day In The Life With Lakers VP Allison Howard

Lakers VP/Corporate Sponsorships ALLISON HOWARD is entering her ninth season with the team. In '05, she answered a Craigslist ad to enter the sports world from civil engineering and has not looked back. She now leads a sales and activation staff of 15 people who manage the Lakers' 35 corporate partners. Howard recently returned from the Lakers preseason games in China and caught up with THE DAILY to walk us through what a typical day looks like for her.

5:30am: My days usually start right at this time with a wakeup call. I get right out of bed. I'm not a snooze button kind of person.

6:00-7:00am: I will do a workout for an hour that will consist of either a class, Pilates or running.

7:10-7:30am: I get back to my house and have three sleeping people that I wake up. One of them is my husband, and then the other two are my two boys. I have an eight-year old and a ten-year old. Then I will hop in the shower and do a quick rinse off. I do not take very long to get ready. I'm a pretty low maintenance female.

7:30am: While I'm getting ready, my boys are finishing breakfast and by 7:30 they need to be done to get their teeth brushed and put their uniforms on. I pack their lunches as often as I can.

7:50am: The school is about a block and a half away -- thank goodness. I will always try to walk them in. I skip breakfast, but I have one cup of coffee and I drink a ton of water throughout the day and that really helps me.

8:00-10:00am: I am four miles from the office, so I am usually in here by 8:00. This is my favorite time. It's just so nice and quiet in here and I can really go through a lot of my emails. I just started mandating that I don't want any meetings before 10:00 if possible. I'm a morning person. My brain is at its freshest in that morning time and with the quiet in the office.

10:00-11:30am: I am taking back to back meetings and calls.

11:30am-12:00pm: I'm starving since I don't generally eat breakfast. Thankfully here at the Lakers we have a program called EatClub where we get to order our lunches and they come to us. Otherwise its either you skip lunch or I'm eating chips and an apple. One thing I'm kind of known for is taking about three hours to finish my lunch.

Howard is currently focusing on establishing relationships with new companies in new countries
Photo: lakers

12:30-5:00pm: I jump back into taking calls and going to meetings. I have two main areas of focus right now. We're designing programs around the International Team Marketing Rights that the league has recently allowed teams to sell. We need to establish trusted relationships with new companies in new countries with different laws and cultures as well as make sure that we are designing programs to feed and grow our 120 million fanbase. I am also working on our jersey patch. Our jersey patch partnership with Wish is up after the '20-21 season. While that is two years away, it's a major investment for any brand and it will need to have the right fit for the Lakers. Deals of this nature take a lot of time to develop because it's imperative the brand fits with us seamlessly.

5:00-7:15pm: If it's a game day, I will leave the office by 5:00 to be down to the Staples Center by 6:00. I will have dinner with a client from 6:00-7:00. We want to be done by 7:15pm. I always like to get the clients down by their seats so they can feel the energy in the Staples Center. At this time, the arena really comes alive.

7:15pm: I will check in with any other clients in their seats/suites or check in with my managers and coordinators. I will try to stay until the first quarter. I watch the game and stay on my phone pretty much throughout the game.

9:00-10:30pm: I get home and open my laptop and log on until about 10:30. My days get so packed with meetings so that's my time to check emails again. Everything that we do is so time sensitive, especially this time of year. We have new contracts that need to be reviewed.

10:30-11:00pm: To wind down and go to sleep, I have three books at my nightstand. I can usually only get a couple of pages in and then I'm out. I am reading two books right now, MICHELLE OBAMA's book titled "Michelle," and "Radical Candor," by KIM SCOTT.

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