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Volume 26 No. 174

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Volume 26 No. 5

Top NHL Owners Pleased With Players' Decision On CBA

Jeremy Jacobs and Larry Tanenbaum were described as feeling "genuine excitement" over the players not opting out of the CBA early.

David Levy Explains What Drew Him To Nets, Barclays Center

Former Turner Sports President believes he has an understanding of how to drive engagement and how to build team's global brand.

Viacom CEO Talks NFL-CBS Negotiations Ahead Of '22 Expiration

CBS is expected to "begin talks in earnest with the NFL after the league completes" its current CBA negotiations.

Bills Want Unruly Fans To Tone It Down; Increase Security At Home

A heavy police presence will be seen around New Era Field, with 300 law enforcement personnel and another 300 private security personnel assigned to area.

NBC Likely To Back Off Of Skycam Shots After Notre Dame Experiment

NBC admits it was "very aggressive" in using the skycam during Notre Dame's game last week against New Mexico.

Panda, Lantern Tapped As Mascots For Beijing Games, Paralympics

The halo surrounding Bing Dwen Dwen's face "is suggestive of ice and snow tracks" seen in the Winter Games.

A Day In The Life With Fox Sports' Skip Bayless

The on-air pundit says taking part in the 2 1/2-hour show each day "takes a lot out of me physically and mentally because it is highly competitive debate."