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Social Studies: How Legal Sports Betting Has Impacted FanDuel

No time of year draws more attention to daily fantasy sites than football season. FanDuel is a leader in the space, utilizing its social platforms to drive consumers to its website, app, TV programming and other assets. FanDuel VP/Content Business Adam Kaplan (@FanDuel) said the company views content in three categories "with the intent of supporting and wrapping content around our gaming businesses." He said, "There is original content that we create whether that be editorial, video, audio, visual, etc. That is created by us and is the majority of the stuff we put out there. We see a lot of success with those initiatives." Kaplan added, "Anytime you are talking about driving awareness and offers and activations to our audience and our ecosystem, those can have success as well in driving the KPIs we look for. You just can’t have a strategy for promotion that’s only for social."

Must-follow: World Wide Wob. He is hilarious. He is great at audience and community engagement. I’m a big admirer of his and the work that he does.
Favorite app: Instagram.

Average time per day on social media: I’m looking at my screen time and trying to back into what the exact time is -- an hour a day. 

Change in social engagement as states legalize sports betting:
We’ve seen a burgeoning effect on engagement across the board no matter what part of our business you look at. Annual social media reach and consumption has been no different. In July and August, we generated over 663,000 interactions, which is up 7x year over year. We also generated about 7.6 million media views, which is also up about 6x year over year. Both of those are indicators of strong growth and engagement. Admittedly, it’s tough to predict how engagement will change as more states enable full mobile online sports betting.

FanDuel's role as a news source:
I don’t think it’s our role to break news, and that is something we recognize as part of our digital content strategy, whether it is on social or owned and operated properties or video or podcasts or any experience throughout our gaming platforms. What I do think is our obligation is to give our fans the relevant view from a FanDuel perspective of what the impact of that news has on them as it pertains to FanDuel gaming platforms. That goes back to bringing fans closer to the players, teams, leagues and experiences that they love. We won’t beat Adam Schefter to any news reports, but what we do want to do is give our audience the context that is relevant. 

Difference in social playbook for DFS, sports betting sites:
On the fantasy side, formats are typically geared around offensive players, so that player focus requires you to focus on player-related news. In the sports betting world, it’s not that the player news is not important, because it absolutely is, but what you might see is in most cases player-related news doesn’t have the same type of impact on the line as you might think. In fantasy, if a running back is out, you can’t play that running back. In sports betting, if a running back is out, another running back is going to play. The value of replacement at times can be enough to move the line one way or another, but it’s not nearly as severe as the running back not playing and the back-up running back getting the increased usage.

How advertising is balanced now compared to ’15:
We’ve learned from all the experiences that we go through and the '15 ad blitz is no different. Our focus and our methods are very different than they were in those days. I think we’ve seen the allocation change as well. In general, we won’t go back to those days of frequency, but we are going to be aggressive in markets we operate and are looking to expand. That’s how it’s changed in philosophy as well as tone and voice.

Social media driving viewers to TVG programming:
It’s an important part of our driving tune-in, whether it’s to the world-class programming TVG does around horse racing and 18 hours a day of live programming that exists on those channels. Sports programming that we are also ramping up that also airs on TVG is the “More Ways To Win” NFL pregame show. Social is a big part of driving tune-in not only from our platforms, but from personalities, influencers that we have the show and talent we work with. It’s obviously an important part and something we look at a lot and try to focus on ways we can optimize.

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