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A Day In The Life With Eiger Marketing Group's Peter Ripa

There are few people who know the ins-and-outs of putting on a golf tournament better than Eiger Marketing Group Senior VP & Tournament Dir PETER RIPA. He served as the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open Tournament Dir for eight years in San Diego before recently moving back home to Tarpon Springs, Fla., to take over the same role for the Pelican Women's Championship, a new LPGA event near Tampa set to be played in May. Ripa's decision to return to his old stomping grounds to stage an inaugural event was an easy one after living in various locales over the years, saying the move "turned him from a zero to a hero" in the eyes of his family. Ripa recently caught up with THE DAILY to dish on what all goes into the day-to-day of organizing a successful tournament.

6:00am: I wake up and the first thing I’ll do is go get a workout in. I’ll go to an Anytime Fitness that’s about two or three miles from my house and exercise for about an hour or so.

7:00am: Once I get back home, I’ll make myself some oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and catch up on any business or industry news. I’ll have a combination of Golf Channel and CNBC going on the TV and I’ll be checking Twitter on my phone too. I use that time after my workout to get my feet underneath me for the day. With this being a new event, I go through and review what needs to be done and divide them by importance before heading to the office.

8:00am: The commute to the office is about 30-40 minutes. The first thing I’ll do once I get in is check my email. The website for the event has my email address on there and club members may have questions, so I just want to make sure I’m timely in my responses.

9:00am: Most of my mornings are taken up with calls and meetings relating to the new event, which mainly help gauge the interest of a partner, organization or individual to be involved in working with us. Many of those right now are the initial calls or meetings as opposed to the second or third, when you are really beginning to plan out the details. At this early stage of planning the event, you must stay flexible and make time for those.

11:30am: Ideally what I like to do is schedule a meeting during the lunch hour here at the Pelican Golf Club. It’s a good setting because not many people have seen the club yet since it underwent a recent renovation, and there’s construction ongoing for a new clubhouse that will be ready for the tournament. I can verbalize that over the phone or send pictures, but to see it in person adds a different element.

1:00pm: The afternoons are a continuation of the mornings, meaning that I’ll take calls and meetings with prospective clients or partners as they come up. I’ll also use that time to reach out to places or people that I haven’t heard back from just to make sure the week doesn’t get away from me.

Ripa likes to schedule lunch meetings at the Pelican Golf Club so he can show off its renovated amenities

3:30pm: If it’s a slower afternoon, I’ll spend some time planning for the event as it relates to hospitality and map out what that experience is going to be like. That way I’ll have an understanding as to what the expectations are when we are communicating those plans and logistics to our clients.

6:00pm: I’ll head out of the office and use the commute back home to make a list of things to follow up on later that night or the next day. My wife THERESA and I just moved into a new condo a couple of weeks ago in Tarpon Springs, and we’ve got a big renovation planned that we haven’t started yet. Right now, we’re unpacking boxes and setting aside stuff in storage when I get home.

8:00pm: My wife and I are from the Tarpon Springs area originally, and one of our favorite places to eat at with our old friends and family is Tuscan Sun Italian Bistro. I’m starting to immerse myself in the team sports here in Florida, so I’ll put Rays games on sometimes at home and will also have on the Buccaneers and Lightning when they come back. They didn’t have a football program when I was at USF, but I attended a game there over Labor Day weekend. 

10:00pm: If I can get to bed by 10:00, I’m going to be productive and feel energized the next day.

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