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A Day In The Life With '47 Dir Of Brand Marketing Victoria Rocha

'47 Dir of Brand Marketing VICTORIA ROCHA joined the sports lifestyle brand in October '14. Living in the Boston's Chinatown neighborhood, Rocha is an avid runner and a lover of all things sports, tech and lifestyle. She took some time out of her schedule to walk THE DAILY through what a typical day looks like for her.

6:30am: I'm a big runner, big on yoga/fitness. Prior to working for ’47 I worked at Puma, so it's in my DNA. I run with a running group often, so I start my day with that, come home and shower, grab a coffee.

7:45am: I walk to south station and commute to Westwood where the ’47 HQ is. I will listen to a podcast on my walk to the train station. Then when I’m on the train commuting, I take in my daily news. I read the morning brew, checkout some of the socials from our competitors, read my Sports Business Daily and just get my intake of what's going on in the world. I'm practicing Portuguese, so I will get a quick lesson on Duolingo.

8:30-9:00am: I'm getting to the office and getting settled. I have breakfast, which is normally overnight oats. I will do that for the first half of the hour. I organize, categorize, digest and try to maximize my time for the day.

9:00-9:30am: People start coming in. I try to take care of anything I can do in two minutes: a meeting follow-up, digesting information, filing quick responses, basically using that time to clear up my inbox and then I make a plan for the day. I look at my meetings, my open slots and then find out when I’m going to actually have some working time/brainstorming and strategy time.

Rocha is an avid runner and lover of all things tech and lifestyle

9:30am: Meetings. Every day can be so different. We might be doing a product review or going over market strategy planning. Our team handles social, so we might be responding to any comments/messages from that. A combination of multi-department meetings, working sessions/collaborative brainstorming and any other meetings up until the lunch hour.

12:00pm: I'm not very good at taking my lunch break. I will use it to take a meeting with somebody I haven’t chatted with or have lunch with my boss and catch up with him after his travels. I've been trying to prepare my lunch at home. I try to be more plant-based. I'm usually having rice, beans or a salad/burrito bowls/apples.

2:00-3:00pm: I will grab a decaf coffee before our weekly team meetings.

3:00-4:00pm: Things start to slow down, wrap things up for the day.

5:30-6:00pm: I try to fit in social networking with some friends who work in the city by taking a yoga/fitness class in Boston instead of a happy hour networking before my commute home.

7:00-8:00pm: I’ll cook dinner at home, my husband comes home around this time. We will catch up over dinner.

9:00pm: After dinner, I’ll check my inbox if anything comes up that is time-sensitive and I’ll address that before bed. This is a time that I’ll also grab a book/magazine and start to wind down. We are huge Netflix/movie watchers so we’ll watch a show together and hangout/decompress before bed.

10:00-11:00pm: I'm in bed at this time, my husband will stay up a bit longer. He is a “night owl” and I’m more of a morning person.

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