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Volume 26 No. 207
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Pocket Presence: "PFT" Takes Look At History Of QBs Selling Products

Companies have long sought NFL quarterbacks to endorse their wares, and NBCSN's Mike Florio and Chris Simms talked about which QB-sponsor partnerships have stood out over the last few decades. Simms began the discussion by mentioning Dan Marino's association with Isotoner gloves and called the former Dolphins great the "first guy I felt like was the face of a product as a quarterback." Here are a few more of the pairings that were brought up:

* Florio's first thought was of Peyton Manning and “chicken parm” from one of Manning’s Nationwide commercials. Florio said, “I don't think about the product. I think about the chicken.” Simms added, “That really was phenomenal, and honestly, it's continuing. Those are still Nationwide commercials he's doing ... and they could not be funnier.” Simms said Manning is the “best acting quarterback I’ve ever seen.” Florio said it is likely Manning "makes more off endorsements now" than current stars like Aaron Rodgers despite being retired for four years.

* Simms noted Rodgers’ commercials with State Farm “are still going strong.” Florio added, “Isn't it amazing that's the only deal he's ever had nationally for a guy who's been as great a quarterback as he has been?"

* Florio brought up Patrick Mahomes' deal with Hunt's ketchup, saying, “He's already made it clear he puts ketchup on everything.”

* Brett Favre's endorsement of Copper Fit was mentioned, but Simms at first could not remember the product's name, calling it, “Whatever that damn thing he wears now.” Florio: “If you don't know what the product is, it's probably not that memorable.”

* Simms noted Joe Namath's deal with Hanes' Beautymist pantyhose produced "one of the all-time great commercial spots ever.”

* Footwear ties were discussed, with Simms noting Tom Brady and Uggs is “such a random combination." Florio later brought up Joe Montana's deal with Skechers, but admitted that association is "not strong" ("PFT," NBCSN, 6/27).