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A Day In The Life With ESPN Personality Jay Williams

ESPN's JAY WILLIAMS has his plate full when it comes to appearing across the nets' various platforms. Whether its hanging with MIKE GREENBERG on "Get Up," or discussing the business of sports with KEVIN DURANT on "The Boardroom," Williams is always on the move. "The beautiful part about my job and in the position I’m in, there’s never a day that’s the same," said Williams. "Thank god for that because it keeps me engaged at all times." Williams took some time out of his day to walk THE DAILY through his routine.

4:15-5:30am: My days usually start early in the morning. I stay up the night before to watch all the games, but I still like to get up early to rewatch them. I read a couple articles on the games and get my opinion and then try to validate my opinion. I literally go through this discovery phase for about an hour. 

5:30am: I go upstairs to shave, take a shower and I put on my "superman suit" as I like to call my suit. I give my wife, NIKKI, a kiss, she is usually getting up to work out, then I hug my dog, kiss my baby on the cheek and leave the house.

6:00-8:00am: I arrive at the office and have a production meeting with our team and continue to do some prep.

8:00-12:00pm: We are live on TV and "Get Up!" is moving. After that show wraps up, I wait 20 minutes then I go over to do "First Take" with STEPHEN A. SMITH and MAX KELLERMAN. I'm really bad at fitting in time to have a lunch because I have this mind that once I become engaged I start running. My wife yells at me. She’s like, 'you need to eat,' so I try to snack over at ESPN, have an apple or some kind of power bar. The challenge for me is that I have to eat better so I have to find those better options when I am on the move, which can be a little bit concerning at times.

Williams said "The Boardroom" features people within sports talking about the businesses they’ve built

12:30-4:30pm: I start filming content for “The Boardroom,” which is a show we launched with ESPN+. We are building out our own vertical on what we deem to be relevant in news about the culture of sports. We are trying to do things with the most relevant people within the sports community about the businesses that they’ve been able to build. Then from there it depends on the day. I can have conference calls around an analytics firm I recently invested in or I have some conference calls around “The Boardroom.” 

4:30pm: Depending upon if there are other things I have to do on TV -- it can get a little bit all over the place -- I try to get home around this time to see my wife, my kid and have dinner. Then I like to spend quality time with my child. The problem with my brain is that I don think it really turns off, its always on, so I like things I can learn from. The other night I found my wife and I watching BRENE BROWN’s TED Talk on the power of vulnerability on Netflix, which is incredible because for me I have experienced the most incredible growth opportunity of my life when I almost passed away at 21 years old in a motorcycle accident. I'm all about taking on information like that or reading the book "Outliers" by MALCOLM GLADWELL

9:00pm: At the end of my day after dinner, hang out with my family, spend time with my daughter, I get ready for bed. But depending on a game, it varies what time I'm falling asleep. I do also like to watch "Game of Thrones" or "Billions." Sometimes I will listen to a TIM FERRISS podcast or something that is informative where I feel like I can learn.

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