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NFL Teams Take Creative Ways To Announce '19 Schedule

NFL teams took various approaches last night when it came to announcing their ’19 regular-season schedules, as some tapped celebrities to read off each game, while others stuck with the tried-and-true tactic of using highlights from prior seasons. All 32 teams put out videos on social media to announce their 16-game slates, and it is clear the goal was to add an entertainment element to the annual proceedings. The Eagles used known fans and Philly-area celebs like Allen Iverson, Jim Cramer, Mike Trout and Boyz II Men to announce each game, while the Titans dipped into Nashville’s country music roots to have singers like Dolly Parton and Charlie Daniels read off the schedule. Three teams -- the Falcons, Redskins and Texans -- piggybacked on the “Game of Thrones” phenomenon and released a video based on the HBO show's opening sequence.

THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT: Some teams came up with original ideas to publicize the schedule. Jaguars K Josh Lambo channeled his inner Billy Mays and announced each team game like it was a product for sale in an informercial. The Ravens used a similar tactic, creating an old-style TV ad that conjured up images of Crazy Eddie or a local monster truck event. Meanwhile, the Steelers drew inspiration from Mr. Rogers, a Pittsburgh native, as radio voice Bill Hillgrove read off the list.

Playing off 100th season, images & sounds from team history
Mascot going to different places around town and within stadium
Tinder-themed video unveil for each week
WR Courtland Sutton hosting "Madden 19"-themed video unveil
Two videos: one showing GM John Dorsey; another with team reporter Nathan Zegura
Sites from around Tampa area with "Schoolyard King" playing in background
Movie trailer theme with footage from past seasons
Comedic video using stock footage for each week with NFL Films music playing
Plays off 60th season for team, with old clips and highlights from past years
Andrew Luck sitting in team mail room reading off each week
Jerry Jones intros before Amari Cooper uses props for each week
Mashup of team highlights
Celebrity fans announce each week's opponents, including Mike Trout, Diplo, Jay Wright
"Game of Thrones" intro theme showing Atlanta as well as away-game venues
Actor Tracy Morgan sitting on a recliner in the locker room reading schedule
Home Shopping Network theme, with K Josh Lambo in funny Billy Mays-type role
Plays off "NFL Blitz 200" video game
Two videos: one with President Rod Wood; other with scenes/music from "The Office"
"Pacman"-themed video showing team helmet eating each week's opponent
Video game theme for each week, such as "Oregon Trail" and "Sonic The Hedgehog"
A take on "bad lip reading" for each week
Antonio Brown and Trent Brown video reading off each week
Reaction of schedule call with league with players/staff like Aaron Donald, Sean McVay
Theme of an old monster truck TV ad, or something like old Crazy Eddie's ads
"Game of Thrones" intro theme featuring stadium, various DC sites
Sites and sounds of New Orleans with song by local Rebirth Brass Band in background
Old-school video game feel whre mascot takes on opponents
Radio voice Bill Hillgrove narrating "Mister Roger's Neighborhood"-themed video
"Game of Thrones" intro theme showing each week's site
Cameos from country music acts, including Dolly Parton and Charlie Daniels
Team radio voice Paul Allen reads each week with a haiku
Team reporters Keiana Martin, Joe Fann read of schedule
Download the
NFL team schedule videos on Twitter

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: The team videos were noticed by several NFL writers across the country. Yahoo Sports' Jay Busbee notes the NFL for once "remembered that football is a game and games are supposed to be, you know, fun." The Washington Post's Des Bieler notes some teams took the release of the videos as a chance to "throw some shade at opponents." The Bills were singled out for their "faux-dating app that not only enabled snarky comments about their 2019 opponents but also allowed for a few drive-by shots at others not even on the schedule but not exactly beloved by Buffalo fans." Meanwhile, Awful Announcing's Sean Keeley noted the videos come at a time when teams "can't just put the information out there." He writes, "You gotta go BIG. And in the age of social media, that means you have to do something impactful, something big, something potentially viral."