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Volume 26 No. 207


Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski called out the "lack of NCAA leadership and vision regarding the future of the sport and its lack of preparedness to handle the imminent landscape shifts," according to Pete Thamel of YAHOO SPORTS. With the "end of the one-and-done era expected to come" by the '22 NBA Draft, Krzyzewski during his media availability on Saturday "grilled the NCAA's lack of plan and vision for the future" of college hoops. He said, "The NCAA is not prepared right now. They need to be in concert with the NBA in developing a plan that is specific for men's college basketball." Krzyzewski indicated that college basketball "needs to be run more like a business in the face of increased competition, calling for a 'new model' for the sport." NCAA student-athletes currently "cannot profit off their own image and likeness," which is a "hypocrisy." Krzyzewski added, "In this time, the definition of amateurism … it's outdated. We need a new model" (, 3/30).

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: NCAA President Mark Emmert said the name, image and likeness issue is "one of the big debates we're shifting to right now." He said the NCAA has "been really clear and the courts have been very supportive of the notion that these games are all about college players playing college players." Emmert: "The issues of whether or not we can have those individuals engaged in promotions for events or products or anything else is a really challenging one because it's got to be done in a way that still allows Central Florida to play Duke to a one-point game." He added, "We've got a congressional bill out, we've got some states that are trying to move in that direction. That's going to be a good, healthy conversation about what could that look like. Everybody loves to point to the Olympics and say it works great in the Olympics. The Olympics only has one team in the United States, Team USA We've got 351 of them in Division I basketball and you’ve got to find a system that can work for everybody" (“Road to the Final Four,” CBS, 3/31).