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Volume 25 No. 214

Friday, February 1, 2019

Volume 25 No. 97

Kroenke's Aggressive Move To Put Rams In L.A. Paying Off

Making Super Bowl LIII is of "particular significance for the franchise" as it looks to expand L.A. fan base.

Romo's Profile Continues To Rise Heading Into First Super Bowl

Romo has "established a television persona that makes his Super Bowl debut an event in and of itself."

Brady Merch In Higher Demand Than Before Other Super Bowls

Brady is the top-selling player since the start of the NFL Playoffs, with orders placed in 91 different countries for his gear.

Super Bowl Ads Spotlight Powerful Women; Tech Giants Also On Board

Only about a quarter of recent Super Bowl ads "feature women in leading roles," but some of this year's spots "cut against that grain."

NFLPA Officials Preparing For Expected Lock Out In '21

The union already has "assembled a sizable 'war chest' of money to help players deal with expenses if they are locked out."

Knicks Expected To Be Big Players In Free Agency After Dealing Porzingis

Club has cap space to sign two players to max deals, but it still needs to "convince a free agent to sign with them."

New Haven WTA Event Sold, Moving To China This Year

The inability to find a title sponsor proved to be an obstacle too steep to overcome.