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Weekend Plans With SBTech CEO Richard Carter: Life In The Big Apple

Carter is an avid sports fan away from work, and counts golf and cycling as major hobbies

U.K.-based sports-betting company SBTech has unsurprisingly beefed up its stateside presence over the past year with the changing regulations in the U.S., and that means company CEO RICHARD CARTER has been keeping his passport handy. Carter over the past year has made almost monthly visits to the U.S., helping his company expand its reach in a deal with Churchill Downs while also scouting locations for an office in Las Vegas and an eventual east coast HQ. Carter: "We’ve all got big smiles on our faces over on this side of the world. It’s very exciting. It’s the world’s biggest economy and a country that’s absolutely mad on sports." Carter this weekend is off to N.Y. to meet with existing clients, and he hopes to squeeze in a little holiday shopping in Times Square if time allows. He took THE DAILY through what this year has been like on the sports betting front, what he anticipates in the space going forward and how he stumps his American counterparts on long flights with some newly-learned geography lessons. 

HIT THE GROUND RUNNING: Unfortunately the N.Y. visit is a work trip. I’m coming in Friday afternoon to see some existing clients, spend time with some of our team members in town and visit some other business prospects as well. I may be able to squeeze in some Christmas shopping, too. It’s a mid-day flight and I’ll mostly work during that. We’ve got a lot going on at the moment with year-end budgeting and planning for ’19. We’re also in the process of trying to get several operators live in the U.S., so I’ll just focus on getting as much done as I can while in the air. I want to take a break around Christmas to visit my parents in the north of England, so I’ll be working quite hard up until then.

LEARNING THE LAND: I’m probably coming to N.Y. once a month for work at this point. I’m learning a lot of the 50 states and their capitals. I like to quiz people I meet on planes because most Americans don’t know their state capitals. I think I know more than the average American when it comes to those. I’m learning my American geography quite quickly. I don’t think I really want to get into cultural differences, I’ll just say there are definitely a few. I really enjoy being wined and dined in Mississippi, very lovely people, but the cuisine is certainly different from what I’m used to. It’s really just very interesting to see all the nuances in terms of how each state in America is quite different. Different hospitality, personality, weather, geography, that’s all actually very enjoyable to me. 

IN THE MEANTIME: Three years ago I moved to the Isle of Man, a lovely island really in the middle of the Irish Sea. I’ve obviously been traveling quite a lot at the moment, but when I get back there, it’s a fantastic place for cycling. We’ve had quite a number of famous cyclists come from there. I also really like to cook, of all things. I find it very relaxing and there’s some fantastic produce on the island. Very healthy, and overall it's a great place to unwind on the weekend. I’m sorry to say I can’t remember the last TV show I actually watched, I just can’t seem to find the time. But in my free time I am a big Liverpool fan, and I also love to go see a rugby match when I can. 

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