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Pete Carroll Sees XFL As "Great" Training Ground For NFL Players

Carroll said the XFL would be a "great place to bring guys up that need the work, need the time"

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll "sees the XFL as a potential outlet for developing quarterbacks and other players -- though the XFL is not trying to position itself as an NFL developmental league," according to Larry Stone of the SEATTLE TIMES. Carroll said the XFL is a "great place to bring guys up that need the work, need the time." He added, "It's great for quarterbacks in particular. We'd love for [Seahawks QB] Alex McGough to have a place to play where he could develop. That would be awesome for him when he doesn't get the reps this year. For a lot of guys, it would be a benefit." Meanwhile, Carroll said that he was "fired up" when he heard Seattle would be getting an XFL team. Carroll: "Any sport we play here, fans go crazy. I hope they'll really enjoy it and embrace it. The fact it will be here in town, I'd love to have that. Watch guys and see guys develop and all that stuff." XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck, asked how the XFL will succeed where it previously failed, said, "We have a great runway to get everything right to modify the game, to test various rule changes that we like." Luck added, "Our number one priority is to put great football on the field. And we plan to do what it takes in the next year plus to do just that" (SEATTLE TIMES, 12/7).

LOW MOTOR: In Detroit, Tony Paul writes XFL Founder Vince McMahon's "reincarnation of the XFL hinted at possibly putting a team in Detroit," but that "apparently never was a serious consideration." Detroit Sports Commission officials said that "nobody approached the organization to discuss pursuing an XFL franchise." Detroit is the 14th-largest media market in the U.S., and of the eight XFL markets, St. Louis (No. 21), was the "only city below Detroit to get a franchise." However, sports leaders in Detroit "appear mostly focused on landing" an MLS franchise as the "next big entrant into the vibrant -- and competitive -- sports market" (DETROIT NEWS, 12/7).

TRI-STATE, TWO TEAMS? In DC, Thom Loverro writes it would "make sense that McMahon would want a team" in DC, with the "profile and influence that comes with it -- within walking distance of the White House." What "doesn't make sense is why the District would get into the professional football business with anyone else while they are wooing the Redskins." Loverro: "You think the Redskins want to share the city with Vince McMahon's new league? Don't underestimate the pettiness of Washington owner Dan Snyder when it comes to slights, both real and imagined." The XFL may not be the NFL, but McMahon "doesn't get into a business venture to be a stepchild" (WASHINGTON TIMES, 12/7). CBSSN's Jim Rome is not bullish on the XFL, saying, "If Zima can make an embarrassing return to the beer aisle then I suppose the XFL can make an embarrassing return to the sporting landscape” (“Rome,” CBSSN, 12/6).

COWBOY COMPETITION: In Dallas, Kevin Sherrington wrote he does not think fans "will come out" to see the city's new XFL team play, "no matter when it is." Sherrington: "Fans in this market are like any others. ... They're talking about staging these games in a retro-fitted baseball park. If they can get Johnny Manziel to do it, I could see some interest sparked." Sherrington added that the Dallas weather in February '20, when the XFL launches, "won't make it any more appealing" (, 12/6).