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Going Off The Grid: Execs Discuss Holiday Shopping, "Die Hard"

"Going Off The Grid" is a weekly survey of sports execs and personalities offering their thoughts on a handful of pressing (and trivial) issues in sports and pop culture. This week, our panelists discuss their favorite sports moment of the year, and whether or not "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie.

  • AAF co-Founder & CEO Charlie Ebersol
    -- Thinks the best sports month of the year is February (when the AAF starts).
  • ESL North America CEO & Managing Dir Yvette Martinez-Rea
    -- Her grandmother's Mexican Hot Chocolate is her family's go-to holiday drink.
  • Whistle Sports President & COO Michael Cohen
    -- Has never had eggnog.
  • FanAI Founder & CEO Johannes Waldstein
    -- His favorite Christmas movie is "It's A Wonderful Life."
Going Off The Grid
Non-CFP bowl game you look forward to the most? Your most treasured sports memorabilia? How close are you to being done with holiday shopping? Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie? Favorite sports moment of the year?
Whichever bowl UCF is playing in ... AKA the unofficial/official championship game
Game-worn jersey signed by my hero Jim Kelly
Everyone is getting AAF Starter or New Era gear
Yes, the main character clearly says, "Ho-ho-ho"
Young fan Teddy Mazzini getting a standing ovation at Suns-Lakers on Oct. 22 -- everything that is great about sports

Redbox Bowl. Go Ducks!
Signed black and white picture of my grandfather with Arnold Palmer from the '60s
"Santa" is still waiting for final lists, so not close enough
Big debate in my household, I come down on the side of: Great movie, but no
Tiger winning the Tour Championship -- it was everything a sports story should be
Georgia-Texas in the Sugar Bowl. I went to Emory and there was no football, so I root for Georgia.
Michael Jordan signed picture dunking from the foul line
Done? We essentially run a shipping and receiving department from Amazon in my house
Absolutely. Despite what Bruce Willis says, it's on Christmas Eve and therefore a Christmas movie
Attending the U.S. Open in N.Y. Nothing like N.Y. fans and crisp Summer air with a few honey-deuces
Hard to say -- just focused on Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl
My Ironman Austria Medal, especially since my 4-year-old son loves wearing it
Almost done
Not for families with small children
Notre Dame locking in its playoff spot

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