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A Day In The Life: CAA Co-Head Of Basketball Austin Brown

The start of the new NBA season is a hectic time for CAA Co-Head of Basketball AUSTIN BROWN. Between flying around the country to meet with clients like Nets G D'ANGELO RUSSELL or Jazz G DONOVAN MITCHELL and making recruiting calls to determine which top college prospects to pursue for representation in the upcoming NBA Draft, a free moment is hard to come by. When he is home in Chicago and not weary from traveling, Brown savors the quiet time that comes with his early-morning workout before the inevitable grind of the work day to come. Brown recently spoke with THE DAILY to recount the many hours of basketball he watches during the season and offer insight into the day-to-day life of an NBA player agent.

5:30-6:30am: I always have to start with my morning workout. That’s sort of my personal time to get away. Most of my clients are not going to be up at that time, so I know I can have at least a half an hour to an hour where I can have some silence. I work out at a place just a few blocks around the corner from my condo in Chicago. It’s run by one of the former strength and conditioning coaches at Michigan who’s now a personal trainer.

: I’ll walk from the gym to this restaurant/juice bar called Left Coast that serves all health food. I’ll stop in there and get some oatmeal and a protein shake. Then I’ll head back to the condo, shower up, and then it’s about a 7-10 minute walk from the condo to work. I’ll play some music or listen to a podcast during that time. ADRIAN WOJNAROWSKI is a good friend of mine, so I love listening to "THE WOJ POD" on my walk.

: At work, the first thing I do is sit with my assistant in my office. We have a running to-do sheet that he puts on my desk, so we go over the action items in order of priority and make sure we know what’s most important and needs to be done that day. Also listed are my clients that are playing that night, so I know who I need to check in with.

: I’m checking the box scores from the night before. We record every single client’s game that’s played, so if I’m not actually at a game and saw the client personally the night before, I’m watching the recording and going through their minutes. I’m just looking for any glaring things that I want to talk to clients about. Then I’ll usually make the round of calls to different clients.

1:30-2:30pm: I’ll do a quick lunch with my assistant. We’ll usually just get a salad from a place across the street called Mezza. I’ll have lunch at my desk, make a couple phone calls and then usually we will have a recruiting call with our basketball group.

Brown often travels around the country during the NBA season to meet with clients like Donovan Mitchell
Brown often travels around the country during the NBA season to meet with clients like Donovan Mitchell
Brown often travels around the country during the NBA season to meet with clients like Donovan Mitchell

2:30-3:30pm: I’ll have a weekly Chicago office meeting with the co-head of our coaching division BRET JUST, our office coordinator KRIS WHITE and some other assistants. I’ll update everybody with what’s going on with the basketball group, Bret will talk updates with the coaching division and Chris will talk about any marketing initiatives for clients and anything else happening on the business side. It’s a really good way for us to all stay in tune because for Bret and myself, there’s no telling where we’ll be on a given day.

4:00-5:30pm: I’ll probably at least make a couple calls to some different GMs. If a player is injured, making sure their rehab is going well and seeing if there’s anything I need to do on my end. I’ll also use that time to check in on college prospects, making calls to scouts and others to see who they like, which players are good, who they saw and what their upcoming travel schedule looks like.

: Guys who are playing that night are getting into their routines, getting to the arena, suiting up, so I’ll either make a quick call to make sure they’re right for the game or send a text. If the Bulls are playing, my assistant and I will normally make the drive down to United Center 30 minutes to an hour before the game to see guys, especially if they’re on the visiting team. We’ll watch them warm up and talk to them. Then we’ll make the rounds with different people within the organization, whether that’s the GM or head of scouting, and watch the game. After the game, I’ll wait for guys in the tunnel just to make sure they see your face and touch base with them quickly.

: I’ll usually head back home during the break between the first and second set of games and grab dinner on the way. I’m a huge fan of Siena Tavern, which is a great Italian spot, the new Tao that just opened, and also RPM Steak is a great place. I’ll catch the rest of the games at home because at some point I do have to at least act like I have a life outside work.

: I’ll try to unwind at least a couple nights a week with some TV shows. I’m a big Netflix guy -- I just finished the second season of "OZARK," which was great. I’m also a big "RAY DONOVAN" fan on Showtime, so those two are sort of my go-to shows. Every now and then, I’ll even watch re-runs of "ENTOURAGE" just because that’s a classic. I try to have at least an hour where I’m not doing something sports related, where I can just step away from it and have some time to decompress from the day. If I’m actually asleep before midnight, that’s a great night for me.

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