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A Day In The Life With SNY Mets Analyst Keith Hernandez

Though he has lived life as a star MLBer, part-time "SEINFELD" actor and now Mets announcer, KEITH HERNANDEZ insists he’s just like everyone else. “People think we have different lives than them, and we don’t,” Hernandez said. “We have to go to the dry cleaners like everybody else and have to empty the garbage like everybody.” Hernandez calls around 110 Mets games per year for SNY and recently spoke with SBD about his growing Twitter following and where you might find him on a weekday morning.

7:00am: When the season starts I’m getting up around 7:00, and as it progresses I get up later and later, but no later than 9. I go out with my cat Hadji on my shoulder to pick up the paper -- I get the N.Y. Post and the Wall Street Journal. I come back in and make coffee, and after that I usually go right to my computer and reconcile my bills. I go on Quicken and go over all my accounts. I shower, obviously.

8:30am: I have a pergola in the back yard where I can sit on the couch, or I have a table with an umbrella where I can read the paper. I might take a little swim. I have a vegetable garden in my back as well as a spice garden. Sometimes I’ll go into Sag Harbor -- I’m seven miles out -- and around halfway into town there’s a place called Jimmy Jims. It’s like a delicatessen that has Açaí Bowls. It’s a fruit from Brazil I believe, they have lots of fruit, just a bowl, it’s cold. I’ll go and get one for the morning breakfast.

9:30-noon: I won’t do any game prep at home. I’ll just laze around and read a lot. I could read my book, listen to my music. I have over 2,000 songs on iTunes. I’ll go anywhere from '50s to rock, classical, jazz, old jazz and country. I like English literature, I like reading novels, classics and history books, biographies. I might tweet -- that kind of started with my book just to promote it and everybody fell in love with my cat. It’s just showing what I do with my life. I’ll get “Seinfeld” comments -- people get a big kick out of that.

Noon-2:00pm: I’ll usually start getting a little tired and I’ll take an hour nap. And then I’ll wake up, get dressed. To beat traffic -- it’s about a 90-minute drive -- I have to leave pretty early. I certainly can’t leave after 3:00 for a 7:00pm start.

2:00-4:00pm: I have two cars, a 2006 Mercedes-Benz four door C55AMG, which I’ll never get rid of. I have a BMW convertible, which I usually drive into the city. On the drive, I like quiet. I will listen to MIKE FRANCESA when he’s doing his baseball roundup. So I’ll listen to Francesa a lot, but most of the time I just like quiet.

4:00-5:30pm: When I get to the ballpark I begin my preparation for the game. I’m basically getting my scorecard ready, the statistics I like to look at. I know the Mets, but I do like to have numbers in front of me. Basically focusing on the opposing team.

5:30-7:00pm: Usually what I eat for lunch is my dinner, but I might eat something lighter at the ballpark. When we’re all done prepping, we’ll go in and sit in the press room. Our play-by-play man GARY COHEN will eat something. Our producer GREGG PICKER will come in and we’ll discuss the game’s open, what we’re going to do. We have discussion on what we’re going to talk about.

7:00-10:00pm: On the air.

10:00pm-midnight: When the game’s over, I don’t go down to the clubhouse. We do our little two-minute or five-minute postgame, and I get in the car. I listen to JOHN BATCHELOR of WABC. He hosts a really terrific political show, but it also includes arts and a variety of culture. He’s my savior going home. I’m anxious to get home and he is my companion, I usually lose him right around when I get off the Long Island Expressway. At that point I just turn the radio off and do the final half hour in silence. I usually go right to bed. I greet my cat and brush my teeth. If it’s hot I’ll get in the shower or maybe jump in the pool. On non-game nights I like to go out to eat. I really enjoy that time when I’m off because I can see my friends and have dinner with them, kind of have a normal social life. I’ll eat at The Beacon, Lulu’s, Bell & Anchor or Nick & Toni’s.

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