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Volume 25 No. 87


Emmert said the Commission has brought in agents and apparel company leaders

NCAA President Mark Emmert on Thursday pledged that the NCAA is "serious in its response" to the FBI investigation into college basketball, and that the Commission on College Basketball "will lead to lasting change, hopefully by the start" of the '18-19 season, according to Ben Roberts of the LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER. Emmert "addressed the issue" of the Commission during his speech at the NCAA Convention. Emmert also referred to the "damning charges" made by federal investigators. Emmert: "It's disgusting. It's corrupt. It's just wrong." Emmert said that the Commission -- led by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice -- is "meeting, in person, about once a month, in addition to regular teleconferences." He said that they have "already met" with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA Exec Dir Michele Roberts about what the "relationship should be" between the NCAA and NBA. Emmert said that the Commission has also "brought in agents and leaders from apparel companies." The Commission will "hand over its recommendations -- to be announced at the NCAA's board meeting on April 25 -- and there will also be a public release of the recommendations at that time." Emmert said that the process is "moving 'way, way faster' than typical NCAA changes" (LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER, 1/19). Emmert said that the responsibility "falls on the leaders in college athletics to restore faith in their mission." Emmert: "Scandals that call into question our commitment to academic integrity make whatever praise we have of our highest graduation rates ring pretty hollow. And we have to recognize that we can't dance around those things. We can't make excuses for them. How do we respond? Well, I think first of all, by not retreating from it. By not getting under our desks" (, 1/18).

Greene has never had to fire or hire a football or men's basketball coach

Auburn yesterday named the Univ. at Buffalo's Allen Greene as its new AD, and "at first glance, he may be the anti-Jay Jacobs," according to Kevin Scarbinsky of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS. Jacobs, the outgoing AD, is "as Auburn as Auburn gets." He "played football for the Tigers and spent virtually his entire professional career there." If Greene and Jacobs "have one thing in common, it's a critical component of an AD's job" -- a "history as an accomplished fundraiser." A source said that Greene's hiring is a "perfect example of the Parker Executive Search firm fraternity at work." Parker is "close to UCF AD Danny White," as the firm got White his role there. White is "close to Greene," as they are former Notre Dame athletes who "worked together at Ole Miss before both moved to Buffalo" when White was AD and Green was Senior Associate AD. Greene now is "entering a new world at Auburn." He has been an FBS AD for just two years, and has "never fired or hired a football or men's basketball coach" (BIRMINGHAM NEWS, 1/19). In Alabama, Josh Vitale notes Greene, 40, is one of the youngest ADs in D-I and "considered one of the rising stars in the industry." He is "just the third African-American athletics director in the history of the SEC" (OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS, 1/19).