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Minding My Business: FedEx Senior VP Patrick Fitzgerald

Name: Patrick Fitzgerald

Position: FedEx Senior VP/Integrated Marketing & Communications

Where I’m from: Chicago

Where I call home: Pittsburgh

Focusing on right now: This week in particular, I’m very focused on the start of the FedExCup Playoffs. We use our sponsorships to really promote the brand and connect with communities across the world. This time of year, it's very exciting and busy for us.

Best advice: My grandfather told me a long time ago to figure out what you’re good at and then work like heck to make sure that no one is better at it than you.

Must have for a new hire: A lot of it is specific to your area of focus, but across advertising, communications and sponsorship, you must be a very good communicator and story teller. In the world we’re in now, a lot of that is in digital channels. But it comes down to the core of storytelling, communicating, writing and just being able to tell the FedEx story.

Execs I admire: I get to work day to day FedEx CEO FRED SMITH. He literally invented the overnight air express industry and has built FedEx into what it is today.

Book shelf: The best book of all-time that I’ve read is "PROFILES IN COURAGE," which was written by PRESIDENT KENNEDY and his speechwriter (TED SORENSEN).

Talking tech: Artificial intelligence is something that as a company we are putting great focus on. It will affect our business and the global economy dramatically in the years to come, and we're putting a lot of focus on ensuring that we understand it.

Must-have music: I drive my son a lot of places, and that affects the music that I listen to. I’ve gained an appreciation for some rap. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of YO GOTTI.

Food for thought: Pittsburgh is in many ways an underrated food and restaurant city. There’s just a long list of unique restaurants. So when my wife and I have a chance to go out, there’s not one place. We try hit some of the restaurants we haven’t been to. It’s hard to be disappointed in Pittsburgh these days.

First thing in the morning: I get online and catch up on news and what’s happening in the world. We run a global operation, and it’s really a 24/7 job that I have. I’m making sure I’m connected with what’s happening at our company and around the world because the two things are very closely connected. FedEx is an engine for commerce around the world, and most news affects us in one way or another.

How I unwind: Just being involved with what my family likes to do. My wife is an actress. I love to see her perform in theater. My daughter is a really incredible dancer and singer. I love to see her perform, and my 13-year-old son is a wide receiver on his football team. So there’s plenty of time spent throwing the football in the yard with him.

Day in the life: I would say far-reaching, unpredictable and incredibly exciting, and a lot of that has to do with the nature of our business. At FedEx, we drive global commerce. There are so many, literally billions, of brand interactions with FedEx every day, and it’s very difficult to predict where the news or developments are going to come from. Being part of a team that represents that brand, whether it be at a PGA Tour FedExCup event or in FedEx Cares, you just really never know what’s going to cross your desk at any given time.