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Loria Insisted Jeter Kept Role In Marlins Sale, Looking To Bring Yankees' Luster To Team

Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria "wasn't going to sell" his team to any "consortium that didn't consort" with Derek Jeter first, according to Dave George of the PALM BEACH POST. It is all part of the "Yankeefication of the Marlins, an ongoing Loria goal." Loria "loved the Yankees" growing in N.Y. and once had a stake in the team. Now, handing the Marlins' baseball and business operations to Jeter "isn’t just the natural move," it is the "only way this story could have ended for Loria." George: "So why am I still wary?" It could be because financier Bruce Sherman, who will "put up the largest chunk" of the $1.2B purchase price, is "so unknown to us." His first instinct "might be to move" RF Giancarlo Stanton’s "supernatural salary off the books." There is "no telling how much more money he is willing to spend on top of what already is being committed." It could also be that Jeter’s track record as a baseball exec is a "total blank." Michael Jordan, an investor with this group, "could tell Jeter about the difference between dominating a sport athletically and operating a franchise efficiently" (PALM BEACH POST, 8/15). ESPN's Bomani Jones said of Jeter's ability to run the Marlins, "I have no idea if Derek Jeter has any business doing that job" ("Highly Questionable," ESPN, 8/14). But's Joe Frisaro said of Jeter coming on, "It removes the cloud of uncertainty which has hung over this team" ("The Rundown," MLB Network, 8/14).

: Fox Business' Charlie Gasparino said of the sale, "This saga is not over, far from it. The owners' meeting is this week. ... There’s a good chance they don’t talk about it and here’s why. We understand that Major League Baseball itself has not received official details of the Marlins bid." Gasparino said of Sherman, "Does he really have a commitment for $300 million to put into this thing like a lot of people say he did? ... When I checked out Bruce Sherman’s net worth, he’s worth $500 million. ... My point is, is he willing to put in most than half of his net worth into this team?" ("Countdown to the Closing Bell," Fox Business, 8/14).

DESIGNATED FOR ASSIGNMENT? In Miami, Douglas Hanks notes if Jeter's group buys the Marlins, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has requested that he and Sherman "don’t ask team president David Samson to stick around." Samson has been a "vital deputy" to Loria dating back to the Expos in the early '00s. Samson, who has another year on his existing contract, also "served as a lightning rod for Marlins backlash second only to Loria during the team’s rocky relationship with both fans and politicians." Gimenez' comments come as the "long-simmering political feud between the Marlins and Miami-Dade may be heading for another flashpoint." The original '09 deal for Marlins Park requires Loria to pay 5% of the proceeds from a team sale to local governments if it occurs before '18. Gimenez has "already said he doubts Miami-Dade will get any money from the Marlins sale, predicting Loria would delay closing until the profit-sharing window closes" (MIAMI HERALD, 8/15).

ART DEPARTMENT: MLB Network's Kevin Millar said of Jeter's group considering removing the home run statue in center field at Marlins Park, "They don't have to change that. ... There are plenty of other things I would change about the franchise before I would change that" ("Intentional Talk," MLB Net, 8/14). MLB Net's Tom Verducci said, "I want it to stay. At first, I didn't like it, but it’s so Miami. It fits that park. The thing is worth like $1.2 million, it’s actually one of the higher paid 'players' on the team." MLB Net's Ted Berg added, "I’d say even build another one. ... Look at that thing! It’s fun, it's awesome, it's colorful" ("MLB Now," MLB Net, 8/14). SNY’s Sal Licata said the sculpture "fits down there." But SNY’s Jon Hein said the sculpture "looks like a bad carnival ride" ("Loud Mouths," SNY, 8/14).