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Minding My Business With Baseball Radio Host, Prostate Cancer Advocate Ed Randall

Name: Ed Randall

Position: Founder & CEO of Fans for The Cure; Host of “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” on WFAN-AM, “Remember When” on SiriusXM Radio and’s “Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball” podcast

Where I’m from
: Bronx

Where I call home: Westchester County, New York

Focusing on right now: The ’17-18 Fans for the Cure business plan. We are looking to expand our outreach into local communities because statistics show that the death rate of black men impacted by prostate cancer is more than two times those of white men.

Best advice: Work hard, trust in God, have no fear. That’s really everything for me. That’s what really guides my life. Also, there was something BILL PARCELLS said. I saw this sign in the locker room in the old Giants Stadium. It said, “Blame nobody. Expect Nothing. Do Something.” I was always really taken by that.

Exec I admire: KATHY GIUSTI is the founder of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. I have such great admiration for an organization that started with just her and her twin sister in ‘98 when Kathy was diagnosed and was given a life expectancy of three years. She’s still here and has built a multimillion dollar nonprofit organization. 

Best book I’ve read this year: “Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon” by LARRY TYE. It covers one of the greatest unfinished lives in our country. Had it been able to continue without the tragedy that befell it, it may have, in fact, changed history. For those in my demographic, it brings us back to a time when we used to dream.

First thing in the morning: I set my clock radio to an all-news station here in N.Y. to make sure the world is still here. After that, my morning routine is just getting caught up. It’s going online to various news sources to see what’s going on, and I back that up with the delivery of five newspapers to my door: the N.Y. Times, the Wall Street Journal, the N.Y. Daily News, the N.Y. Post and USA Today. 

Talking tech: We’ve partnered with a company called Classy for our fundraising and marketing, which has been a game-changing relationship for the charity. It’s about individual outreach. More than anything we want to build an online community and let people know that we provide for men at all stages of their cancer. We want to let people know that is a repository for prostate cancer information. We’re in the business of providing comfort and understanding for men who by their DNA don’t reach out. 

Must-have music: I met SMOKEY ROBINSON on a plane from LAX. He was in his seat, and I walked past him. But then I walked back. There were people behind me, but I didn’t care. I told him, “I just want you to know you’re my lord and savior.”

Food for thought: I’m Italian, and my favorite type of food is Italian. My favorite restaurants are all in the city: Trattoria Dell’Arte, Smith & Wollensky and Patsy’s. In addition, I’m a connoisseur of pizza, and I’m very particular. 

How I unwind: I love watching baseball. Late at night after I come home from the ballpark -- I get to, minimum, 100-120 games a year in person -- I’m so fired up. So, I’ll watch TV, read, relax and watch some more baseball.

Day in the life: I double as my own producer, so starting Thursday night and certainly all day Friday, I’m busy booking both my Sunday morning radio show and the nostalgia show that I share hosting duties with RICO PETROCELLI on Saturday mornings on SiriusXM. So, I am busy booking guests, and I never go out on Saturday nights because I’m busy writing my show for Sunday morning. Once I’m off the air at WFAN on Sunday mornings, the charity begins to take focus again. 

Fans for the Cure tomorrow holds its 2nd Annual All-Star Celebration Dinner in N.Y. Honorees include Pro Football HOFer HARRY CARSON and Rawlings Sporting Goods Exec VP/Marketing MIKE THOMPSON. For information on attending the event, please visit