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Minding My Business: Perennial Sports Founder Lamell McMorris On Rebranding, Adam Silver

Name: Lamell McMorris

Position: Perennial Sports Founder & CEO

Where I’m from: Woodlawn, Ill.

Where I call home: DC

Focusing on right now: We are going through a total rebranding of Perennial. Now we are changing the name from Perennial Sports & Entertainment to Perennial Sports, and that includes a website and logo overhaul. So 2017 represents the beginning of a new era for us at Perennial Sports and we’re excited about it. Our clients are primarily in the NFL, NBA and overseas in basketball. Some of our clients range from Panthers QB CAM NEWTON, Redskins DE CHRIS BAKER and Jazz F DERRICK FAVORS.

Best advice: There’s no substitute for hard work. I try to focus on letting my work speak for itself. It’s also hard to lead from behind. If you don’t work hard as the leader of the team, how would you expect those that work with you to follow your example? I try to work hard -- smart, but hard.

A must for a new hire: Demonstrating not just business and professional acumen, but the right spirit, which is one of team building and a willingness to lend a hand with any and all things that help a business achieve its goal. It used to be that I would focus on great resumes, great schools and where people worked, but now it’s all about spirit. All the other stuff comes after that.

Exec I admire: I really respect NBA Commissioner ADAM SILVER. Not only is he competent and able to execute his job and what is required of him as commissioner of a league, but the spirit that he demonstrates is one of extreme character and integrity. It’s been that way since the first day I met him.

Best book I’ve read: “The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation,” by NATALIE MOORE.

First thing in the morning: Prayer and meditation.

Talking tech: For most of us in this industry, and frankly in life, it is always figuring out how to get as much done in the palm of our hands as fast as we can. I’m still discovering and rediscovering all the fast ways that my smartphone can aid me in pretending like I’m younger than I actually am.

Must-have music: Gospel, jazz, hip-hop, classical. Gotta have it.

Food for thought: I’m a vegan pushing my 10-year anniversary, so it always presents an interesting challenge and opportunity both when I travel or when I host individuals. When you represent athletes, people assume they have a certain diet. It’s been interesting to share my diet and eating habits with some of the athletes and see how open they are. Some have even incorporated it into their regime.

How I unwind: Golf is my therapy. One of the most frustrating therapeutic exercises, but it is indeed my therapy. When I’m on a golf course, that is my retreat, my escape.

Day in the life: It really ranges, from early morning meetings to (after this) conducting a meeting with our entire staff. I’ll field calls from local, state and federal officials, to our sports clients and community leaders. It really just depends (on the day).