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In 140 Characters Or Less: Notable Tweets Of The Year

NPR's Scott Simon: "Los Angeles is going to go from having no @nfl teams to having more pro football teams than delis in town."

Football writer Dave Sittler: "Big 12's apparent current pecking order: Cincy, UConn, Houston, UCF, USF, Memphis, Tulane, BYU. Even though UConn seems closer to Iceland."

Writer Dan Levy: "Tokyo Sexwale started his speech saying he wouldn’t quit. Ended his speech by quitting. GREATEST. SPEECH. EVER. #FIFAelection."

Attorney Andrew Fine: "Watching the Kobe and Warrior highlights this AM and missing Stuart Scott. NBA highlights like these were meant for him."

Cleveland Plain Dealer's Bill Livingston: "Ted Cruz calls it the 'basketball ring,' not rim, before a crowd of Hoosiers. It's like calling the field at Ohio Stadium 'the pitch.'"

Arizona State COO Rocky Harris: "The @NFL needs seat fillers for the draft. Surprised they don't manage it like an award show since it is watched by millions."

Golf Monthly's official account: "Rory: I play four Olympics a year. Golfers dream about Claret Jugs and Green Jackets, not Gold Medals."

Raleigh News & Observer's Luke DeCock: "The NCAA has been reticent to pull allocated events over anti-LGBT legislation (including Houston FF). But a new bid cycle? Bad news for NC."'s Leigh Ellis: "Haven’t seen anyone run faster than Usain Bolt since Ryan Lochte."

N.Y. Times' Harvey Araton: "Hope Solo gets a six-month suspension for saying something stupid. Giants kicker Brown gets a game for domestic abuse."

Commentator Keith Olbermann: "Funny that Kaepernick expects backlash for not standing for the anthem. When MLB, NFL, others moved anthem to sell more ADS -no real protest."

CBS Sports' Seth Davis: "To repeat: A playoff committee's emphasis on nonconference schedules produced greatest opening weekend ever. Playoff made reg season BETTER."

Wall Street Journal's Sara Germano: "Fun fact: try to go to Sports Authority dot com + it redirects to Dick's Sporting Goods site. Boosted $DKS traffic 73% last month (per Citi)."

USA Today's Dan Wolken: "I just turned on Pac 12 Network for maybe the first time ever and it’s SD on my cable system. It’s like watching a game from 1997."

The Vertical's Michael Lee: "Indians could host Game 1 of the World Series the same night Cavaliers get their rings & raise the banner. Downtown Cleveland might implode."

Boston Globe's Ben Volin: "Hopefully this game [Jaguars-Titans] serves as the tipping point for NFL owners to realize that TNF is hurting the NFL more than helping."

Hockey writer Adam Proteau: "The Cubs' World Series parade will begin at Theo Epstein Airport, pass by Theo Nathaniel Epstein Blvd, & finish at T.N. Epstein High School."

NBC's Kristine Leahy: "Everyone in California can smoke weed today. Except the Rams, 49ers, Chargers and Raiders."

The NBA Kings' official account: "Tonight's game has been postponed... y'all can trust the process but not the floor? Smh, @Sixers."

Wall Street Journal's Jared Diamond: "Bud Selig going into the Hall of Fame is just another reminder of how embarrassing it is to baseball that Marvin Miller isn't."