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Minding My Business With Octagon VP/Strategic Initiatives Jeremy Aisenberg

Name: Jeremy Aisenberg

: Octagon VP/Strategic Initiatives

Where I’m from
: Reston, Va.

Where I call home
: Richmond, Va.

Focusing on right now
: I have built out a practice which is specialized in working with unique golf personalities and talent who do not play for a living. We’re constantly focused on helping the clients build depth to the value of their platforms. We’ve got a fairly new client with an avalanche of opportunities. Her challenge is not lack of opportunity, her challenge is identifying a plan that helps her to filter the opportunities, to help her drive that long-term value proposition for her platform and for her business. We’re getting ready for a series of meetings with both our new client and multiple prospective partners to really hone in on what that plan looks like for the five, 10, 20 years, not just the next six months.

Best advice
: We are all generally focused on our problems, and I think if people help their clients and business partners find solutions to their problems they will be amazed with how that comes back to benefit their own businesses. Whether there’s an immediate gratification or not, being able to assist clients and partners with solutions leads to a tremendous number of new client and partner opportunities.

A must for a new hire
: Truly develop meaningful relationships with people they’re interacting with and build trust and loyalty with people around them and drive as much value for those people and relationships that they establish as possible.

Exec I admire most
: My first boss at Octagon, GIFF BREED, who has been gone for four or five years, but truly inspired me with his creativity and positivity.

First thing in the morning
: Get my four children going for the day with my wife, which is organized chaos.

Day in the life
: I’ve really worked hard to focus as much energy on the things that are truly the most important to advancing our business. The first routine is to really try to take inventory of where we are on the most important stuff, how much reactive stuff do we need to get to and how to delegate that among the members of my team.

How I unwind
: Sitting by the fire with my wife and a nice glass of Pride Mountain Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

Talking tech: I’ve been able to see Microsoft’s HoloLens demoed and it has potential to be revolutionary in the augmented reality experience. The applications in sports and entertainment content consumption are exciting. Projecting holograms of the field of play and athletes on the field of play in your room, in a shared three-dimensional environment is a pretty amazing idea.

Must-have music
: I have been listening to a lot of country music lately, a lot of GRATEFUL DEAD, a lot of various country/rock mashup stuff -- THE BAND OF HEATHENS.

Food for thought
: My wife and I are big sushi fans.