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Weekend Plans With New CAA Commissioner Joe D'Antonio: Getting Situated, Interview Prep

Since taking over as Colonial Athletic Association Commissioner on July 1, JOE D’ANTONIO has been balancing the transition of not only a new job but moving from Providence, R.I., to Richmond. However, his family has not yet made the journey south. With a son entering his senior year of high school and a daughter who is a freshman, the family as a whole made the decision to not move immediately. D’Antonio frequently travels back home to visit, but not this weekend because there is business to attend to.

MEET THE NEW BOSS: This weekend is going to be a little unique as I will not be going back home. I will get up on Saturday morning and work out, which will consist of either going for a run or going to the gym and getting a little bit of a lift in. We have an opening here in our office for Associate Commissioner for Football and I will be interviewing some candidates on Monday. So I will be preparing for the interviews on top of getting my new apartment situated. Sunday will probably consist of the exact same thing. A workout in the morning, grab something to eat, probably do a few more things around the apartment and a little bit of work in preparing for the upcoming week.

GRIDIRON GANG: When you have kids, you are almost married to their activities. As we move into the school year it will be a lot of football for my son and field hockey for my daughter. I am going to try and make it back for all of those games if I can. I am also very excited to be in a conference that has football in its footprint. I am a big fan of the NFL and the Cowboys. From where I am situated here in Richmond, the fewer people that know I am a Cowboys fan, the better off I am.

THE INCREDIBLE EDIBLE EGG: I am usually the breakfast cook in the house, whether it is pancakes or eggs. My wife is a really good cook and usually handles dinner. But more often than not on the weekends we are probably going out to grab something to eat. We have family that lives in Massachusetts. I am very fortunate that my parents are still alive and my wife’s parents are still alive. We enjoy spending quality family time when we can.

NEW KID IN TOWN: In this profession, there are always emails and calls to return. You are never completely off. So I haven’t been out too much here in Richmond. I live about 10 minutes from the office and most of my exploration consists of the drive from the office to my apartment. I fully anticipate that it will change a little bit. I am excited that there is a minor league baseball team and Richmond Int'l Raceway is here in town. As I get settled in and things are not as crazy, I am certainly looking forward to being a part of the community.