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Going Off The Grid: Execs Opine On What They Would Change In Pro Sports, Innovative Teams

"Going Off The Grid" is a weekly survey of sports execs and personalities offering their thoughts on a handful of pressing (and trivial) issues in sports and pop culture. This week, execs offer their thoughts on summer movies, innovative teams and markets ready for pro teams.

  • Campus Insiders reporter Jordan Cornette
  • – The late Stuart Scott is his favorite all-time "SportsCenter" anchor.
  • Fenway Sports Management Senior VP/Business Operations & CFO Kelly Kaufman
    – Elaine is her favorite "Seinfeld" character. "She's assertive, a little neurotic and a bad driver."
  • Hornets Senior VP/Corporate Partnerships & Creative Services Josh Kramer
    – Enjoys ESPN’s Neil Everett announcing the Hawaiian time zone on every "Sportscenter."
  • Navigate Research Founder & President A.J. Maestas
    – Believes college athletes should be paid, have rights to their likeness and other revenue opportunities such as endorsements.
Going Off The Grid

Summer movie you have to see?

Recent countries traveled to?

Most innovative sports team
(outside of your league/team)? 

Market that's ready for a Big Four pro team?

Top thing you’d change in pro sports?


"Suicide Squad"

Some Caribbean nations

Kentucky men's basketball


Age requirements


"Finding Dory"



Las Vegas

Baseball's revenue sharing system.

Is Steven Seagal in anything this summer? China (NBA Global Games); Canada (NBA All-Star) Sounders Seattle for the NBA

More women  broadcasters, PA announcers and coaches.


Not a movie, but ESPN's "O.J.: Made in America"

South Africa in March, Argentina in January


London for the NFL. Then Las Vegas, Austin Incentives for local athletes to find their way to local pro rosters.

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