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Weekend Plans With Engine Shop President & Founding Partner Ed Kiernan

Engine Shop President & Founding Partner ED KIERNAN truly lives the jet life -- traveling back and forth every weekend from his offices in N.Y. to his home in Poland, Ohio. Now back in Poland for Labor Day, Kiernan has a full weekend of family and friends ahead of him -- but as with so many people in the industry these days, he is having trouble truly going off the grid.

TIME TO UNWIND: I’m back here in Ohio this week trying to have fun a little bit, but it’s probably been 80% work, 20% vacation. I have a hard time unplugging on vacation and I’ve probably always been bad at that. But it’s just how I’m wired. We’ve been unwinding, going to my son’s football practices and just hanging out. It’s been relaxing, just getting caught up on a lot of different things. We spend most weekends in Ohio. Most people don’t know this: We’re in the city Monday through Friday and then we’re in Ohio Friday through Monday morning. We have a place here in Ohio and my son’s here and we fly back every weekend to see the family. This weekend, what we have going on is my son’s got a football game on Saturday; we’ve got the Buckeyes kicking off against Navy, so we’ll obviously be glued to the set. And then just a lot of grilling; we’ve got family and friends coming over on Sunday and Monday. I’ll be manning the grill with all the fixings and probably have a few cold ones in between.

RUNNING WILD: I’ll go for a three-mile run Friday and Saturday -- not sure if I’ll get any runs in Sunday or Monday, but at least two of the days I’ll go running. On Friday night, we’re going to a high-school football game; a buddy of mine is having a tailgate that overlooks the field. It's the first game of the year.

GRIDIRON GREATS: My son TRIPP, who’s a quarterback, has a football game. He’s been playing for a number of years. He’s a big kid. He’s like a BEN ROETHLISBERGER -- he’s 11 years old and wears size 11-and-a-half shoes. So we’ll watch him play his first game. The Buckeyes kickoff, I think, at noon, and the rest of my day will be spent around the house just keeping up with "College GameDay," watching all the games unfold. I’m a huge college football fan. I’ll be watching in the rec room -- we’ve got a couple of flatscreens on the wall, a pool table and a bar -- everybody will just be there hanging out and watching the games. Family and a couple of my buddies -- we’ll probably have 10 to 12 people watching the games. We have a good couple of diehard viewers come over, have a couple beers and my wife, MICHELE, makes the usual fixings and the hors d'oeuvres. She’s a Patriots fan; I’m a Jets fan. But she’s quickly become a Buckeyes fan, so that’s a good thing.

: We’ll do church. If we’re not traveling, we try to get the family to church every Sunday morning. Trying to instill the same values in our kids. We’re heading to the Reds-Pirates game that afternoon at PNC Park in Pittsburgh; we’re about 45 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. It’s probably my favorite stadium in the country; it’s awesome. I’m a Yankee fan and so is my son; Michelle is a Red Sox fan. We’re an hour from Cleveland and an hour from Pittsburgh -- right in between. So we’ll catch a couple Indians games a year and a couple Pirates games. They’re both great sports towns, so we’re fortunate that we’re an hour from both. I’m a New York sports fan -- Jets, Yankees, etc. -- but my second teams are the Browns, Steelers -- I root for both Pittsburgh and Cleveland teams.

GRILLIN' & CHILLIN': Everybody’s coming over to grill. We’ll do steaks, bleu cheeseburgers, portabella-mushroom burgers, chicken kabobs and always do Nathan’s hot dogs -- and even a little Vidalia onions on the sideburner.