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Volume 24 No. 112


Kansas State Univ. “expects its athletic budget to grow” to $65.7M for FY '15, according to Kellis Robinett of the K.C. STAR. The “projected rise” is a $5.65M increase from '14, but a $4.8M drop from '13, in which KSU’s operating revenue "was nearly" $70.5M. KSU AD John Currie on Wednesday "detailed the projected budget in a letter to fans." KSU has "operated in the black for five consecutive fiscal years." KSU in FY '15 "projects to spend" $23M on team operations and recruiting, $7.6M on scholarships, $4.9M on athlete support and $3.4M on sports administration. The “main revenue projections include” $26M from the Big 12 and the NCAA, $16.5M from donations, and $10.8M from football ticket sales. One “expected expense increase will be found in food.” The school “plans to spend” 18% more, approximately $700,000, on “nutritional expenses following new NCAA legislation that allows schools to provide round-the-clock meals and snacks to athletes” (K.C. STAR, 7/3). Currie in the letter wrote, “Our largest revenue sources will again be the combined $31.16 million in ticket purchases and contributions by our loyal fans and Ahearn Fund donors and $26 million in projected Big 12/NCAA revenue shares.” He added that 58% of the budget “goes toward team operations including scholarships, sports medicine, coaching, travel and recruiting” (, 7/2).