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Minding My Business With '47 Brand Consumer Marketing Manager Ryan Johnson

Name: Ryan Johnson

Position: '47 Brand Consumer Marketing Manager

Age: 29

Where I’m From: Oklahoma City

Where I Call Home: Boston

Johnson (c) traveled Europe with his girlfriend (r) last
Focusing On Right Now: Connecting with different consumers as a lifestyle brand

Best advice: Don’t try to be all things to all people. Stick to who you are, your core competencies. Don’t water yourself down or spread yourself too thin.

Exec I admire most: (NHL Kings President of Business Operations) LUC ROBITAILLE. When I was working for Powerbalance, I molded into the sponsorship, relationship, partnership and events kind of role. The Kings were someone who we actually had a license with. So I worked with Luc and his sponsorship team real closely.

A must for a new hire: Be enthusiastic; be energetic about what we do. But at the same time be yourself.

Best book I’ve read this year: When I do read books, it’s mostly cheesy, like DAN BROWN books. I love Dan Brown books; you read them in like two hours in a day. But I did read start reading “OUTLIERS.” There are some really good messages there. That one definitely makes you think.

First thing in the morning: Daily, it’s Instagram. More so than Twitter -- Twitter is information -- Instagram is almost instant access to a moment. Whether it’s a brand that you identify with or that you look up to. I look forward to seeing what’s new from these trailblazing brands that are out there. They’re setting trends. I want to stay on top of trends and even influential people to kind of see what they’re doing.

Talking tech: I couldn’t give up my iPhone. Constant music consumption is a big part of it. I listen to music all day long. And then, other than that, my iPad gets a lot of use.

Must have music: I always grew up loving hip-hop. 2PAC, JAY Z back in the day. But I have strong country roots, and I still love country and listen to country. 

Food for thought: I try to eat somewhat healthy. When I cook at home it’s a lot of sweet potatoes, spinach, basic proteins like a good, juicy chicken or maybe a steak or maybe some sausage. I love all kinds of food. I really love peanut butter. I consume an unreal amount of peanut butter, and fruit.

How I unwind: I really like to travel. My girlfriend and I, over the last few years, have gone some cool places. Her family has a house in Mexico, the Pacific side of Mexico. We went to London, Paris, and Rome last year, so that was awesome. 

Day in the life: Anything from our marketing department that’s consumer facing or touches consumers, I either manage or collaborate with other departments on. The NCAA and the college business is a big part of our revenue stream, which I don’t think a lot of people realize. It kind of becomes the little stepchild. So collaborations, events and field marketing are the three major areas in which I spend most of my time.