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Minding My Business With PGA Of America CFO Rhona Aime

Name: Rhona Aime

Position: PGA of America CFO

Age: 52

Where I'm from: Leven, Scotland

Where I call home: Miami

Focusing on right now: Building partnerships with the operations department, improving efficiency.

Aime and her husband Jorge enjoy spending time
on the water, often boating or wake boarding
A must for a new hire: Cultural fit is really key, in the sense of being a team player that supports the team and is a good relationship builder. Cultural fit is more important than intelligence, and it’s really important that your new hires come with the right attitude: Team players who are good relationship builders.

Exec I most admire: I think ELON MUSK is just a remarkable businessman, a risk taker and a visionary. I like to follow what he’s doing.

Best book I've read this year: "The Reason I Jump" by NAOKI HIGASHIDA. It’s an incredible book written by a guy who has autism. It really describes how autistic people are feeling and how, when they have interactions with non-autistic people, it really affects them -- usually negatively -- because we don’t understand what’s going on in their mind.

First thing in the morning: I usually turn on CNN, and I try to watch BBC. Then I'll open The Economist magazine.

Talking tech: I'm a big fan of the MyFitnessPal app. It's an easy calorie counting system, and I use it pretty regularly.

Must have music: I love Brazilian music; I find it very soothing. But I’d probably say my favorite band would be ONE REPUBLIC.

Food for thought: My favorite place to dine out is a little French place in Coconut Grove called Le Bouchon.

How I unwind: We’re kind of a water family. We love to be out boating, or kite boarding or wake boarding, or anything on the water.

Day in the life: They’ve tasked me with bringing the finance department up to a level equivalent to what we’re trying to do at the PGA overall. Not to say it was terribly bad beforehand, but I think there’s been a bit of change going on here. We need to make sure the finances are keeping up with that and take it maybe a step further, in not just the traditional finance functions, but something a little bit more involved in the operational side.