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Volume 24 No. 117
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App Review: Razorgator For iPhone Needs Fine Tuning, More Customization

On March 31, Razorgator released its first-ever mobile application with a focus on electronic ticketing. The app is simple, and the purchasing functionality is very convenient, but the overall experience lacks the expected level of customization. Upon launch, the app detects the user's location and populates a chronological list of upcoming events. Tapping on an event brings up a static venue map and a list of available tickets. Most ticket listings include an approximate seat view. To purchase tickets, users must create an account. This can be done by logging in with Facebook or by completing an old-fashioned registration form. A code is sent via SMS for device verification, and payment information can be added by snapping an image of a credit card using PayPal technology. Once these steps are taken, a purchase can be made instantaneously and PDF tickets are automatically generated. Tickets are viewable within the app, and an e-mail is simultaneously sent to the user containing the tickets. After an initial purchase, credit card information is saved for a quicker checkout next time. The app was developed in-house. It is a free download with no advertising. I conducted this review on an iPhone 5 version 7.1, with AT&T service.

COURTSIDE: The best feature of the app is the quick checkout with instant electronic ticket generation. Once the user makes a selection and submits for purchase, tickets are delivered within seconds. The mobile credit card capture adds even more convenience, eliminating the need to enter information manually. As for social, the ability to log in using Facebook enables users to forego the tedious task of completing a registration form -- another nice perk.

NOSEBLEEDS: The app's search functionality is underwhelming. While my Philadelphia-area location was detected instantly, I was served listings from as far away as the Bronx, and surprisingly, there was no effective way for me to filter these listings. Users can search for specific events, but entering venues sometimes returns zero results. In addition, when searching for certain events, like Jack Johnson (June 6 at the Mann Center), there are sometimes no results -- not even an acknowledgement that the event is happening. Lastly, the venue map is far from interactive, including only a static image and seat view. This feels clunky and outdated.

BOTTOM LINE: More search filters, please! While Razorgator for iPhone is definitely convenient for last minute tickets, it will serve no purpose if users cannot find the tickets they want. Improved search functionality and a filterable event calendar seem like logical additions for phase two. Overall, I don’t see this as a tech disruptor -- more of a check box for Razorgator. Still, a mediocre user experience trumps convenience this time.

Amie Sheridan ( is a freelance writer in Philadelphia.

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