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Minding My Business With IMG College's Kary Brock

Age: 35

Where I'm from: Kinnelon, N.J.

Where I call home: Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood

Position: IMG College VP/Marketing

Focusing on right now: Building new assets and new approaches for prospective and existing clients. 

Brock (l) enjoys running, and recently did the Turkey Trot with her sisters
Best advice: It's totally cheesy, but it's something that I always hearken back to: Love what you do and work with good people. It will make the rest of the day and the "job" gravy. If you're even looking to leave an existing opportunity, just ask those two questions.

A must for a new hire: Someone that is creative and that questions standard practices. The interest and the real draw for any type of sponsorship sales is to turn something upside down, put it on its head, twist it a little, and make it different.

Exec I admire the most: I had the opportunity to work under (President & CMO) MICHAEL HAND at Minor League Baseball, and I think he's had the most influence on my career. You want to put your head down, and work amazingly hard for him, and he does that through an excited motivation. He has this excitement he brings to every project. So you're motivated not necessarily by his directives, but his excitement that he puts into every project. He’s an inspiring leader, and it's unique that you find that in business.

Best book I've read this year: "Lean In," by SHERYL SANDBERG has just been extremely applicable in my role and in the sports marketing industry. Reading through that, and being able to identify with -- not nearly the level of situation she was in -- but being able to mirror that or apply that even on a small scale in my world, really helped to understand and frame the approach for women in business.

First thing in the morning: It’s going to sound totally nerdy, but I always check my e-mail right off the bat, and then I will turn on NY1 because I love the segment where PAT KIERNAN reads the papers to us. He cracks me up. Then I definitely check out Mashable. The reporting that they do is a little nontraditional, and I like that. 

Talking tech: The apps I use the most are terrible, you’re going to laugh at me. Seamless Web is an even lazier version of food delivery; it’s an aggregate of every online ordering that you possibly could want. Four clicks and you have a ham and cheese sandwich on your way. The apps that I use the most are for personal stuff, like tracking fitness.

Must have music: I’m always singing everywhere. In the office, sometimes I walk to and from work and I’m probably singing out loud honestly. Sometimes I like to force my team to have a dance party in my office. On Friday at 5:30, it’s a good time to get out the energy to some ONE DIRECTION or something. And they’re all fantastic and humor me. We made it through; let’s celebrate with a dance party. 

Food for thought: I love to eat and cook. I think pretty much everything is better covered in cheese. And I think if you see anybody that met me, they’d tell you I love Mountain Dew. I have one a day. I don’t have any real other vices, so if Mountain Dew is my worst vice, I’ll live.

How I unwind: Running and Bikram yoga. In both, you're just focused on something totally separate. Plugging in the earphones, listening to some music, you just sort of zone out. And it works to get any sort of anxiety, frustrations or excitement out through sweating and running. I'll also just go to the park to get a break from the crazy concrete jungle.

Day in the life: The biggest difference between working with college versus pro sports is the ability and the receptivity for building and creating something new. There aren't as many barriers or walls in the college sports landscape. I've worked with other leagues before and, good or bad, there are confines that you have to try and work within. College is more and more becoming an opportunity to push that and go beyond.