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Weekend Plans With Evolution Media Capital's Jay Adya: Get Outdoors, Take In Some Hoops

Evolution Media Capital Exec JAY ADYA was born and raised in Western Massachusetts as a die-hard New England sports fan, but he has spent the past nine years living in the heart of Yankees country. Adya resides in Brooklyn, N.Y., and after spending most of the work week on the road, he is looking forward to getting home to his wife, SIREESHA, and two sons KAIDEN (5) and AYAN (4). With some nicer weather on the horizon for the Northeast this weekend, the Adyas are looking forward to taking advantage of all their neighborhood’s eclectic offerings.

SO LONG, WINTER: This winter has been pretty bad, pretty demoralizing. So we’re looking forward to hopefully having reasonably good weather this weekend. I’m told it is supposed to be about 50 or 55 degrees outside, which constitutes a heat wave after the last several months. It’s time to get out and about since we’ve all been cooped up, so I’m looking forward to running around and throwing the ball with the boys. We’ll go to the park or to the playground. We just like to be out and active as much as possible. (The boys) swim, they’re starting up baseball next month and they have tennis classes in the summertime.

SCHOOL SPIRIT: Usually when I get home (on Fridays), my wife and I just hang out with our kids until they go off to bed and about half the time we go out to dinner ourselves. This weekend, actually, we have an event to go to for the school our kids go to. There’s an annual fundraiser nearby in our neighborhood. The public school that the kids go to, the Parent Teacher Association is pretty active and they have an annual silent auction fundraiser that they do and it happens to be this Friday, so we’ll be there. If my wife and I are not going out somewhere on Friday or Saturday nights, we’ll open up a bottle of wine and have a glass or two.

GET UP AND GET MOVING: I wish our schedule was a little bit flexible, but we usually -- by necessity -- tend to start the mornings pretty early. I try to get up in the morning and hang out with our kids but then also try to sneak in a workout if possible, whether it’s going for a run or going to the gym. In the summer time I play a lot of tennis. I do love coffee, so we usually go to a local spot near our neighborhood and either get a cup of coffee or ground coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings. But the only consistent routine that happens on any given weekend is going to the grocery store. I always go to the grocery store either sometime Saturday in the late afternoon/early evening or Sunday in the early evening. That’s usually the hour or so that I get to myself.

MARCH MADNESS: On Saturday, I will probably go meet up with some friends who went to Big East schools and watch some of the Big East Tournament. A bunch of friends of mine from graduate school actually went to Georgetown, Seton Hall, St. John’s and the like. So we usually meet up at some point during the Big East Tournament to watch the games and hang out. Usually I would have rooted for Syracuse, but they’re not in the Big East anymore, so I don’t really have a dog in the fight this time around.

GARDEN PARTY: The Garden and the Big East are always going to be linked, so it will always be a pretty cool atmosphere and the teams that are still left in the conference will still draw -- the Villanovas and Georgetowns of the world. But there’s no doubt that Pitt and 'Cuse are big losses, both because of their history in the conference, but also Syracuse is a tremendous draw from the New York and Tri-State area. But the Garden in March with college basketball is always a pretty special environment and I expect that to continue regardless of the teams.

LET'S DO BRUNCH: We go to brunch fairly regularly (on Sundays). There’s a little breakfast spot called Home/Made kind of near our apartment, which is your somewhat typical Brooklyn restaurant. It has locally grown, organic, kind of healthy food. So we usually get some form of freshly made French toast and egg-based omelet. The benefit of that place is they’ve got big couches and big space for our kids to kind of run around while they’re pretending to eat their food. Then we usually make dinner at home on Sunday nights, some kind of grilled fish, salmon or otherwise, and then a couple vegetables on the side. We try (to eat healthy). We’re trying to pass that along to our kids as well to the extent possible.